Funniest Good Night Wishes and Messages for 2022

Every day in life brings with it some joy, stress, boredom, work, love, and many more! However, our day may have gone but we are tired at the end of the day. When we return to our homes after witnessing many things at the end of a long day, our tired bodies and brains feel exhausted. We need a giggle and some joy after all the activities. A funny good night message or wish from someone, maybe our partner, a colleague, or friends can do a magic trick on our restless selves! Receiving funny good-night texts makes us feel special while giving us a good laugh before drifting to sleep.

If you also desire to make someone laugh before going to bed, then this is the right platform. Making someone laugh in today’s era may be a tough task because of the high level of stress involved in our lives. But NWISHES brings to you the best collection of funny good night wishes and messages, you can read them before going to bed and also send them to your loved ones to help them sleep better. Scroll down for the best funny good night wishes in English, Hindi, social media status, funny good night wishes for WhatsApp, funny good night jokes.

Funny Good Night Wishes In English

Receiving a hilarious good night message from someone may work wonders for our restless self! Receiving funny good-night messages provides us with a nice chuckle before we go to our beds for the night. So, send these most humorous good night wishes in English to your dear ones.

  • If you feel lonely don’t worry. I am here to disturb you all the time. Now sleep well. Good night dear. Have a wonderful scary dream!
  • Good night and sleep well! Hope you have dreams as sweet as I am!
  • The sun is red, the sky is blue, I cannot stay happy, without disturbing you. Goodnight my love.
  • Good night sweetheart! Don’t look at the window at night. Also, don’t look under the bed. There may be something! Just kidding! Have a sweet dream, my love!
  • Sleeping is the only thing you’re good at besides breathing, so good night.
  • May tomorrow be finally the day you win at life. Sleep well!
  • You’ve seen enough of the cruel world so you better close your eyes already.
  • Don’t waste thinking about your lost past, Don’t waste time for planning your future, Better kill some mosquito with that time So that you can sleep better. Good Night.
  • Good night! May you be safe from the ghost under your bed!
  • Now 4.7 million people are going to sleep, 2.5 million are dreaming, 1.3 million are watching TV/ But one cute hearties reading my sweet Jokes, good night!
Funny Good Night Wishes In English
Funny Good Night Wishes In English

Most Hilarious Good Night Wishes For Friends

Wishing a good night to your friends is important! And it is even better to send them some jokes or humorous messages, this will make them laugh out loud and relieve all their stress just before they fall asleep! So have a look at the examples below for some hilarious wishes!

  • Hey you, don’t hit the ‘Next episode’ button on Netflix anymore and give your eyes some rest! Hope you fall asleep and drift to dreamland soon!
  • Oops! Ouch, I fell from the bed Trying to reach my phone just to say sweet dreams to you. Good night and Sleep tight.
  • ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ123456789*# Thanks God all the keypads are ok… Oh, anyway…Good Night!
  • Do you know why we close our eyes? When we pray, when we cry, when we dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are unseen and felt by the heart only, Goodnight my love.
  • The good people sleep much better at night than the bad people. Of course, the bad people enjoy the waking hours much more. Good night!
  • Hey you, Yes you darling, holding the phone. You are asleep? No? Ok, good, cause I want to say good night before your eyelashes hug each other tightly.
  • A very original good night wish only for you beware of cheap duplicates I’m the only authorized dealer for good night wishes. Good night, Sweet dreams!
  • My friend, I don’t want you to fall asleep during class tomorrow so call it a day and go to sleep! Good night to you!
  • Welcome to Sweet Dreams airlines. We’ll be shortly arriving at Dreamland. Fasten blankets, puff the pillow, close your eyes and get ready to doze off! Good Night!
  • Dear friend, as your sole well-wisher, I want to inform you that you’re gonna regret playing games all night so much tomorrow. Please sleep!
  • Dear friend, I absolutely refuse to listen to your ranting about your lack of sleep tomorrow so don’t be annoying and sleep on time! Goodnight!
  • Buddy, days are for working, eating, and enjoying yourselves while nights are specifically for resting purposes. So rest yourself and sleep early!
Most Hilarious Good Night Wishes For Friends
Most Hilarious Good Night Wishes For Friends

Funny Goodnight Wishes In Hindi

Hindi jokes are more humorous and can be easily understood than english for its readers because Hindi is a language close to them. So, send your Hindi speaking friends and family members these funny Hidni good night wishes and make them giggle.

एक बार जान मांग कर तो देखो, एक बार याद कर के तो देखे, अगर हम न आएं, तो समझ लेना कि… शहज़ादी सो रही है और मोबाइल साइलेंट पर है…। Good night friends

हाल कैसा है जनाब का, क्या ख्याल है आपका, हम तो सो गये हो हो हो…तुम भी सो जाओ हा हा हाGood night friends

 चमकते चांद को नींद आने लगी आपकी खुशी से दुनिया जगमग आने लगी, देख कर आपको हर कली मुस्कुराने लगी, आप तो इतनी फेंकते फेंकते मुझे भी नींद आने लगी! Good night 

अगर रात को कोई तुम्हारे बिस्तर पर आये, तुम्हें हैरान करे, तुम्हें परेशान करे, तुम्हें चूमे, तो ज्यादा रोमांटिक मत हो जाना, मच्छर अगरबत्ती जलाना और सो जाना…।Good night friends

ऐ चांद, मेरे दोस्तों को मीठी सी नींद सुला देना… और जो रिप्लाई न दे, उसे पलंग से गिरा देना। Good night friends

ऐ दोस्त, तुझसे बात करके मेरी नींद बढ़ जाती है, सच कहती हूं, कसम से बहुत बोरिंग हो तुम। Good night friends

थकानपुर से फ्रेश नगर जाने वाली निंदिया एक्सप्रेस बेड पर इंतज़ार कर रही है… आपसे गुज़ारिश है कि अपने कीमती सपने साथ लेकर उसमें सवार जाएं। Good night friends

एक खूबसूरत और डरावनी रात में क्या अंतर है? खूबसूरत रात में आप अपने टेडी बियर को गले लगाकर सो जाते हैं। मगर वो डरावनी तब बन जाती है, जब टेडी बियर भी आपको गले लगा लेता है। Good night friends

पंखे पर लटकता हुआ सिर, खिड़की से तुम्हें देखता भूत, बेड के नीचे बैठी चुड़ैल… इन सबकी तरफ ध्यान मत देना, आराम से आंखें बंद कर सो जाना। Good night friends

Funny Goodnight Wishes In Hindi
Funny Goodnight Wishes In Hindi

Best Good Night Jokes for SMS

Doctors believe that laughter is the best medicine. Thus, don’t forget to keep your loved ones healthy and happy. Make your nears laugh by sending them the best jokes before going to bed and help them sleep soundly.

  • Sleep like today is a world sleep day but make sure you don’t slip out of the world in the process. Have a sound sleep!
  • Individuals rest quietly in their beds around evening time simply because unpleasant men stand prepared to do brutality for their sake. Goodbye!
  • Good night! No night is good to me that does not bring a thought of thee.
  • Snuggle in tight and wait for me. I can’t wait to come to wrap my arms around you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Good night!
  • Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it is morrow.
  • The bloodsuckers are gone and the boogeyman has left. All that is left is simply you and me. How about we close our peepers and find a workable pace!
  • I wish God made me an SMS so that I can reach you in Seconds, Cost you nothing, you will read me and I could see you smiling which is worth millions for me!!! Good night and smile for me!
  • Welcome to Sweet Dreams airlines. We’ll be shortly arriving at Dreamland. Fasten blankets, puff the pillow, close your eyes and get ready to doze off! Good Night!
  • Good night! Ah, good the night that wraps thee in its silver light.
  • Rest in harmony this evening, God is greater than anything you will confront tomorrow. Goodbye!
Best Good Night Jokes for SMS
Best Good Night Jokes for SMS

Witty Good Night Wishes For Whatsapp Status

While living a busy lifestyle, and growing distances among people, it is easy to get bored and depressed. However, by reading or sharing on social media, some funny good-night texts at the end of the day, one may get rid of stress and chuckle forgetting all worries.

  • A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.
  • All day there has been darkness in my heart! All-day without you, oh, the long gray hours To think of you and know our thoughts apart – To think some ways are all set thick with flowers. When my way wends so sad and void of light. Good-night, dear heart, good-night!
  • As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for today.
  • Rose, thanks for the lovely prayer. Now shut up and get into bed.
  • Good night! God keep you till the morning, and guard you safe from every harm, I pray. Liam Williams
  • We need good quality, restful sleep to feel our best and maintain health; to renew and restore physically as well as psychologically. Howard VanEs, Insomnia
  • The future is shaped by your dreams, so stop wasting time and rest! Good night and sweet dreams!
  • To have a good night, give all your worries, and concerns to God in prayer.
  • The longest way must have it is close – the gloomiest night will wear on to a morning.
  • I’m talking to you, well just wanted to state goodnight and I love you, don’t cuddle the pillows, I’m right here in my house oops!
  • There are countless stars out there tonight singing your applause and watching over you my pretty lady. Goodnight beautiful, have a great night!
  • To all, to each, a fair good-night, And pleasant dreams and slumbers light. Sir Walter Scott.
  • The night is to see dreams and the next day is to make them come alive. May you dream big and wake up with determination to achieve them all.
Witty Good Night Wishes For Whatsapp Status
Witty Good Night Wishes For Whatsapp Status

Funny and Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

Sending good night messages to someone you care about is a great way to find out how their day has been going for them. Your lady love is an integral part of your life, you can be happy only when she is happy. So, here are some funny good night wishes for your lady love.

  • Thinking about your mode activated! Missing you in progress! If you are awake reply to deactivate thinking mode. Good night!
  • The only way I can guarantee you a sweet dream is by dreaming about me. So, what are you waiting for? Sleep tight!
  • Send me a text if a nightmare kicks in and you cannot sleep at night. I will be your guardian angel no worries. Have a great time of sleep, dear.
  • Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight, Let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight but don’t make it a habit, Because I’m not free every night, Good Night!
  • Hey, I just had a phone call from your bed because it could not reach you. Please contact your cold bed and the lonely pillows right now! And sleep tight!
  • Feel free to let your toes peek out from under the covers. No boogeyman will dare to come out with me right beside you. Bed bugs? Not with me around. Sleep well, my lovely!
  • Hey babe, you’re the prettiest girl in the world in my eyes but I don’t want you to get dark circles around your eyes! Sleep, tight love!
  • My angel, your cold empty bed is whining loudly because the pillows cannot fall asleep without you. Please join them soon and have sweet dreams!
  • Thinking about me all day must be pretty tiring for you, so why don’t we meet in the dreamland, honey? Good night to you!
  • Nothing can take your valuable place in my life except a good night’s sleep. I am off to it, you do that too. Love yaa. Sweet dreams.
Funny and Romantic Good Night Messages For Her
Funny and Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

Funny and Flirty Good Night Wishes For Him

Feel happy and express gratitude for the opportunity to relax in a bed together with him an after along tiring day. Rest is essential for a human being but it becomes more relishing when one is in their lover’s arms. Below are the best and most funny good night wishes to make him laugh before going to bed.

  • The quietness of this beautiful night reminds me of you. How can I sleep peacefully on this night without disturbing you?
  • Hello you, don’t hit the ‘Next episode’ button on Netflix any longer and give your eyes some rest! Expectation you nod off and drift to dreamland soon!
  • Babe, if you don’t go to bed right now, no hugs for you tomorrow! So be a good boy and have a tight sleep! Good night to you!
  • Hey handsome, even though I’m the prettier one in our relationship, you have to take care of yourself too! Off to bed right now!
  • When I say GOOD night, I actually want you to be a GOOD boy at night. So don’t think about any girl except me. Good night handsome.
  • Baby, you must be tired from looking so handsome all day, so why don’t you take a break and get some good sleep? Good Night to you!
  • The night seems to be pretty boring so let’s have a date! Get into your pajamas, lie down on your bed and meet me in your dreams!
  • Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.
  • Darling, you must sleep early and get up on time so the sun doesn’t get to shine brighter than you! Sweet dreams, love!
  • Hi babe, I’m talking to you, well just wanted to say goodnight and I love you, do not cuddle the pillows, I’m right over here in my house oops!
Funny and Flirty Good Night Wishes For Him
Funny and Flirty Good Night Wishes For Him

Short & Funny Good Night Wishes

At night, everyone is tired and needs a rest. So, instead of sending long paragraphs wish your loved ones with short sentences and bring a big smile to their face.

  • May all the worries disappear from your life. Good Night!
  • Rose, thanks for the lovely prayer. Now shut up and get into bed.
  • You are perfect with your every imperfection. Good night my love!
  • May tomorrow be sunny and full of joy. Good night!
  • Good-night Sweetheart! It can’t be ten, I know; That clock had better “go a little slow!”
  • I wish you have the sweetest dream of your life tonight. Goodnight.
  • Let the fairies make your sleep wonderful. Good night.
  • The day is over, the night is here, know that I love you today and forever, my dear.
  • As you end this day, before you sleep, remember to count your blessings, not your troubles.
  • Sleeping on my keyboard. If I answer, I’m talking in my sleep. Good night!
  • You can sometimes get a good workout by trying to fall asleep.
Short Funny Good Night Wishes
Short Funny Good Night Wishes

Funny Good Night Sayings and Quotes

The night ends a day and makes us await a new beginning. We tend to forget all our worries and go to our beds to relax at night. Below are the best and most funny good night sayings and quotes to help to forget your worries and relax.

  • Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.
  • The night is to see the dreams and the day is to make them true. So it’s good to sleep now and see the dreams. Good night, sweet dreams!
  • All I do each day is wait to be with you again. My entire day revolves around the hope that I can spend my evenings in your arms again.
  • The alarm clocks always interrupt a good night’s sleep.
  • Falling asleep is sometimes easier with someone else.
  • Take a breath and gaze up at the stars. See the two brightest stars? Those are my eyes twinkling back at you.
  • Night is the wonderful opportunity to take rest, to forgive, to smile, to get ready for all the battles that you have to fight tomorrow.
  • I promise to be the warrior who fights all your nightmares and the messenger who brings all your sweet dreams. Good night.
  • Every child fights naps when they’re young, and every adult wishes they could nap.
  • You can sometimes get a good workout by trying to fall asleep.
Funny Good Night Sayings and Quotes
Funny Good Night Sayings and Quotes

Long Funny Wishes To Say Good Night

After a long tiring day when your nears check their phones, they must get an amazing good night wish for you. Send these long and witty good night wishes to your nears to bring a smile to their faces.

  • I realize that the sun has set, I understand that you are tired, but I can‘t understand how could you fall asleep if you haven‘t wished good night for somebody. Sleep well.
  • I can’t believe that this long day has come to an end. After all, wishing you to rest and recover. Sleep is necessary for our beauty!
  • You have to use your phone a little bit less, fella. So, after reading this text, you are to put away your mobile and close your eyes. Let your body and soul rest in peaceful silence. Sleep tight, good night, darling!
  • Every time you close your eyes and fall asleep, may you have only good dreams. And every time you open your eyes in the morning, may the reality be also great! Good night.
  • A really good night is when neighbors are calm and their dog is not barking all night long. I wish that nothing could interrupt your precious sleep until the morning sun shows up. Good night!
  • A little sweet dream lives on a cloud, He sleeps in the daytime and travels at night, Tonight he promised to visit you and send my words “Good night, sleep well”.
  • Winter has brought quietness. The frogs, hedgehogs, and badgers fell asleep, and the bear is sleeping tightly too. Close your eyes and peaceful dreams will come to you.
  • The Moon and the Stars only appear in the night, but our friendship is with us all day long. May this night comfort you with its soft shine, may your dreams be sweet and beautiful. Good night, my dear friend!
  • In this silent night, you are not alone. Feel my hand holding yours, even if we’re miles apart. Our friendship is stronger than any distance, and I want you to remember that I will always be with you no matter what. Good night, sleep tight!
  • Tonight I will be your angel, I will calm you down if you are sad, I will cover you with a blanket, if you are cold, I will lie down near you if you want to, And I will invite you to a beautiful dream.
Long Funny Wishes To Say Good Night
Long Funny Wishes To Say Good Night

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