25th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes in 2022

To everyone in their life, many special occasions come by. A 25th birthday is a very special occasion in most people’s life. It’s an occasion to make great wholesome memories with friends and family. Normal birthdays are fun anyways but when you add 25th to it they get even better. Parents finally see their grown-up son/daughter standing as an individual and friends get to tease you about your age. A person’s 25th birthday will always be a reminder that hash you have finally grown up. Birthday parties are already great, with friends, family, loads of cake, party poppers, and love but sending a wish will make it even better.

I know that you are looking for the best wishes to send someone on their 25th birthday and that’s why you are here. You can send a birthday wish to your son and even to your girlfriend from the list below. We looked all over the internet and found a bunch of wishes that will make the birthday girl/boy happy and smile with radiance. Check out our emotional, funny, cute, and best birthday wishes that we bought together below.

Funny 25th Birthday Wishes

Even tho 25th birthdays are special, it’s all fun and games until your friend starts teasing you about your age. Occasions should be filled with laughter and happiness and that’s why we bought for you a bunch of funny wishes that you can send to your friends and family. Check out the list below.

  • It’s your 25th birthday, so perk up because in a few more years everything else will start to sag.
  • You’re 25 years old, too old to be hanging out with the college kids, and too young to be thinking about pension plans. Have an awesome, awkward birthday.
  • At 16, you could finally drive all your friends around town. At 18, society started treating you like a real adult. At 21, you drank as much as you wanted, and no one could tell you otherwise. Sometimes, growing up is awesome.
  • Now, at 25, you just wish you could take a nap in the middle of the day without getting fired. Other times, growing up sucks. Happy birthday, anyway!
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if we round to the nearest ten, you’re closer to 30 than 20
  • Many happy returns on your 25th birthdayMany congratulations and many happy returns on your 25th birthday!
  • Happy 25th birthday to a delightful young woman! You bring joy and laughter to all who are blessed to know you! May many years of happiness await you.
  • At 25, you are halfway to 50, so start enjoying your youth before, gulp, you get old. Let’s make your birthday epic!
  • Your first quarter of a century has beenan absolute delight! I hope the next is just as wonderful!
  • I hope that a lot of happiness awaits you in the years to come and that you are presented with the most incredible opportunities!
Funny 25th Birthday Wishes
Funny 25th Birthday Wishes

25th Birthday Wishes For Sister

I know you are here because it is your sister’s 25th birthday finally. She may be your cousin also, but a sister is a sister and that’s why we have a special wish just for her. Check out our list below and choose your wish.

  • Congratulation on turning silver. A bouquet of special flowers for a special person and that is you.
  • I hope you have a super year ahead and that great opportunities come your way!
  • Everyone dreams of finding love, but to me finding you is all I ever wanted. Happy 25th Birthday my life.
  • Another year with you is definitely a blessing I cannot take for granted, have fun on your 25th birthday.
  • You are brighter than stars, cool like breeze, precious like a diamond, and sweeter than sweets. Wishing you the best wishes.
  • Happy birthday to you today,Our dear sis!Welcoming your 25th with a bang. Happy birthday to you! Let’s welcome your 25th birthday with a bang!
  • You are turning 25 now; I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be sharing this day with you. I do wish you entirely the best darling, from the deepest part of my heart.
  • Many congratulations and I hope your 25th year is a great one!Hoping your 25th birthday is phenomenalToday, my friend, I want to wish you the happiest and most enjoyable birthday ever!
  • To one wonderful son. We are wishing you. The whole entire world. As you celebrate your. 25th birthday todayAnd embark on this next. Chapter of your life!
  • I will always be here for you, whether you turn 200 or just 25, you mean the world to me and I hope you know there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Happy birthday dear!!
25th Birthday Wishes For Sister
25th Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy 25th Birthday Wishes For Bestfriend

Birthday celebrations with best friends are always the best. Looking at your best friend hit 25 must be quite a moment for both of you as best friends have grown up together. Send a happy birthday message to your now 25-year-old best friend wishing him/her a good day.

  • Watching you grow into the wonderful man that you are today has been the single most heart touching experience of my life
  • Happy birthday for today, my friend!Wishing you the best on your 25thWishing you the happiest of birthdays as you turn 25-years-old today!
  • I look up to you, not for what you have but for what you are. I hope you enjoy your 25th birthday my dear, you are special to me.
  • I hope your 25th birthday celebrations are absolutely phenomenal! Celebrating your very special 25th birthday!!
  • May your 25th birthday be filled with enough happiness to last through the whole year.
  • Wishing you the great 25th birthday. All you need is to love yourself.
  • I can tell this is the most beautiful period in your life; you are such an amazing blessing to us. Happy Birthday.
  • The best youthful age is the age you clocked today. May your life become better as you clock this wonderful age. Happy 25th birthday.
  • I hope that the best things in life come your way throughout this very special year! Watching you grow into a wonderful m. Happy 25th, son!
  • It’s genuinely a pleasure to know you and I am totally psyched to celebrate your very special 25th birthday with you!
Happy 25th Birthday Wishes For Best friend
Happy 25th Birthday Wishes For Best friend

Emotional 25th Birthday wishes

Sometimes birthdays can be quite emotional. It all comes crashing down that you have been making many memories for the past 25 years. Parents get emotional over their grown-up son/daughter and friends get emotional too even if they don’t show it. Send an emotional wish to your friend wishing them a happy birthday.

  • On your birthday, today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories.
  • You deserve more than the best. Wishing you a year’s worth of joy and riches on your special day. Happy 25th birthday!
  • Congratulations! You have made it through half of your 20s! You have gotten through school and started on the exciting path to adulthood. It only gets better from here, I promise!
  • Congratulations! You’re finally a quarter-century old (in other words, just about ancient). Happy 25th birthday, old fart!
  • At 25, you are halfway to 50, so start enjoying your youth before, gulp, you get old. Let’s make your birthday epic!
  • The greatest years of your life are still in the future. Enjoy every day, starting with your 25th birthday!
  • Birthday 25 is the beginning of a new era of prosperity, purpose and happiness for you.
  • Happy 25th birthday, old fart! Don’t be in a rush to get to your 30s — you may pass out from the effort.
  • Bravo! You’re one-quarter of the way to turning a century old! Happy “Quarter of 100th” birthday!
  • You don’t turn 25 every day, so let the party begin. Happy 25th birthday!
Emotional 25th Birthday wishes
Emotional 25th Birthday wishes

Wishes For 25th Birthday From Parents

Parents watch you grow and from 0 to 25 they have seen every step of the way. I know that it must be your child’s birthday today and that’s why you are here. Check out our list below and pick out a wish you like the most.

  • Today you turn the big two-five, don’t look back or look ahead, just enjoy every minute of this day. Happy birthday, I love you daughter!
  • Smile and merry than everyone else today because you are 25, not all your mates are alive to witness another great event such as the celebration of your birth.
  • At 25, you have become a great adult and I hope you will continue to live your life to the fullest. I love you darling and wish you all the best in life! Happy birthday!
  • There is no one in this world that can cheer me up as you do. May you always find happiness and success in whatever you strive for. Happy 25th birthday my darling!
  • You looked like a cute little girl when I first saw you but now you are a charming woman and I am proud of you. Time has flown by so fast that it’s your 25th birthday today. Congratulations! I hope you have many more birthdays ahead of you to celebrate. Happy birthday Mummy’s girl!
  • Slow and steady wins the race, you managed to survive 25 years, let us see how long you will last in the game where no one comes out alive.
  • You are the most outstanding 25-year old that I know; I hope you improve on your potentials as you grow older, happy birthday to you.
  • My dearest daughter, you are so precious to me, and I am thankful that God chose me and gave me the honour of being your mother. Have a fun-filled birthday my baby girl!
  • Today is the day you have been waiting for, and I know how excited you are to celebrate your 25th birthday. I hope it is filled with good food, fun times with loved ones, and most importantly, laughter.
  • I wish that your 25th birthday is as unique as you enjoy today before it fades off, do not forget that tomorrow will no longer be your day.
Wishes For 25th Birthday From Parents
Wishes For 25th Birthday From Parents

Brothers Wishes For 25th Birthday

Siblings have a very special relationship. I know that it is your brother’s 25th birthday and that you want to send him a special wish. We looked over the internet and found the best wishes for your brother’s 25th birthday. Check it out.

  • Congratulations on the silver jubilee of your life, my niece! It’s a new phase with many responsibilities. May every day of your life brings new hope for you! Grandly celebrate this unique day and make it an unforgettable one
  • Happy 25th birthday, my child! You are the loveliest daughter and I know you’ll also be a wonderful wife and a superb mother. Thanks for giving me the best 25 years of my life and hope to continue it. Many blessings to you!
  • Congratulations! You have made it through half of your 20s! You have gotten through school and started on the exciting path to adulthood. It only gets better from here, I promise!
  • Happy 25th Birthday my dear, you are a beautiful young talented soul and I hope this new age brings out the best in you. Have a fantastic birthday!
  • Birthday 25 is the beginning of a new era of prosperity, purpose, and happiness for you.
  • On your birthday, today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement, and beautiful memories.
  • Your presence makes my black and white life colorful and I love to enjoy life with you. Wish you all happiness in the life. Happy 25th birthday dear brother.
  • It is expected that responsibility comes with age, now it’s so obvious you are growing older, please stay responsible in all you do, it’s expected of a grown mature man.
  • You are brighter than stars, cool like breeze, precious like a diamond, and sweeter than sweets. Wishing you the best wishes.
  • Life will surely throw challenges at you, especially now that you look so grown to take life by the horns, don’t be scared to face anything; you’ll always come out good. Happy 25th birthday bro.
Brothers Wishes For 25th Birthday
Brothers Wishes For 25th Birthday

Wishing Love For 25th Birthday

A birthday wish when it hits 12 from the one you love will always feel special. Send a message to your love as the clock strikes 12, wishing them a birthday full of love and care. Check out our list below.

  • Happy birthday, babe. I hope you have a great day today. You mean the world to me, and I’m happy to call you my boyfriend. I love you more than you know.
  • I will always see you as a phenomenal figure, your wisdom transcends your age, and I wonder how you because you are just 25 today. You are very spectacular.
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend and best friend. I hope you have a great day. Thank you for being so awesome. Love you.
  • I’d like to wish a beautiful and lovely soul a happy birthday. You are my prince, and I will always adore you.
  • Life will always be fair, it gives everyone the chance to be young once, now it is your time, spend it well and enjoy it to the fullest. Happy 25th birthday my lovely daughter.
  • You are the coolest, energetic, outgoing and sharp boy with full of intelligence and excellence. Have a wonderful 25th birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the most caring and best-looking bae in the universe. I hope you fulfill all your dreams this year.
  • This is the period you must enjoy being with friends because you are young and grown. It’s a beautiful period in your life, enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Words are not enough to express how much you mean to me. Thank you for making me happy every day. Happy birthday, love.
  • You are included in those lucky persons that what they want for, they can easily achieve it. Wishing you a very delightful 25th birthday. May you get the most of every moment.
Wishing Love For 25th Birthday
Wishing Love For 25th Birthday

Long 25th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are important and special and that’s, why you need to send a birthday, wish that is that special too. A 25th birthday message deserves to belong and be meaningful. Check out our list below and choose your wish.

  • You are as cute as you were in the year two. May your cuteness and liveliness always be sparkled like a star. Happy 25th birthday.
  • I tell you assuredly that you are living a good life, and a lot of young people out there wish to be like you, never stop being a good example to them.
  • It is so hard to believe that my bestie is now 25 years old. In a blink of an eye, you have grown up into a beautiful young lady. I am so proud of you and I hope this birthday will be one of your best. Happy Birthday! I love you!
  • Challenges will absolutely come now that you are of age, but remember you must never back down and never concede defeat, be of good courage always. .
  • It’s a day to party and live like there’s no tomorrow, but never forget to reflect on what you have done wrong in the year past, so that you can correct them.
  • My life is full, since the day I carried you in my arms. I love you not only for today but for all the days you shared with me. Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday beautiful, you are an amazing person and having another year with you is surely a blessing. May you live longer than the great hills.
  • It was 25 years ago that you were born. I can’t believe how my life changed after you arrived. For your courage and positive outlook on life, I wish you a big happy birthday!
  • You have taught me how to love, keep close and hold dearly the things I love most. So whatever the case, I will always be by your side, happy 25th birthday love.
  • Happy 25th birthday to my much loved and cherished daughter. Wishing you a life full of joy, peace and prosperity.
Long 25th Birthday Wishes
Long 25th Birthday Wishes

25th Birthday Wishes In Hindi

If your mother tongue or a language that you love to speak in is Hindi, then when it comes to wishes we got you covered. Check out our list below and pick out your favorite wish in Hindi.

  • आज आपका हर सपना साकार होगा, आज आपके हाथों में पूरा अधिकार होगा आपको 25 वें जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।।
  • हमें विश्वास है कि आप का 25 वा जन्मदिन बेहद खास है जैसे आप।।
  • तुम अपना 25 वा जन्मदिन धूमधाम से तो मना रहे हो लेकिन तुम्हें याद दिला दें की अब आप बड़े ही जल्दी बूढ़े होते जाओगे इसलिए अभी से मौज-मस्ती, गपशप करना शुरू कर दो।
  • जन्मदिन के शुभ अवसर पर, भेंट करू क्या उपहार तुम्हे, बस इसे ही स्वीकार कर लेना, लाखों लाखों प्यार तुम्हे, जन्मदिन की बहुत बहुत बधाई तुम्हे…
  • हमें बेहद खुशी है कि आप अपना 25वां जन्मदिन बड़े ही धूमधाम से मना रहे हो हम ईश्वर से यही कामना करते हैं कि आप आने वाले हर साल ऐसे ही धूमधाम से मनाएं।।
  • 25 वा जन्मदिन आपके लिए स्मृद्धि, उद्देश्य और खुशी का नया युग अपने साथ ले कर आया है।।
  • जन्मदिन के ये ख़ास लम्हें मुबारक, आँखों में बसे नए ख्वाब मुबारक, जिंदगी जो लेकर आई है आपके लिए आज… वो तमाम खुशियों की हंसीं सौगात मुबारक….!!!
  • जरूर तूमको किसीने दिल ❤️ से पुकारा होगा, एक बार तो चाँद ने कभी तुमको निहारा होगा, मायूस हुए होंगे सितारे भी उस दिन, खुदाने जब जमीन पर तुमको उतारा होगा… 🎂जन्मदिन मुबारक हो…🎂🎀🎁
  • हर लम्हा आपके हाथों पे मुस्कान रहे, हर ग़म से आप अन्जान रहे, जिसके साथ मेहक उठे आपकी जिंदगी, हमेशा आपके पास वो इंसान रहे…
  • अपने अधिकारों को इस्तेमाल करने का दिनआया है, जो आज तक नहीं कर पाए वो आज करने का दिन आया है, खुशी के साथ मनाओ अपना आज का दिन क्योंकि आज आपका 25 वा जन्मदिन आया है।।
25th Birthday Wishes In Hindi
25th Birthday Wishes In Hindi

Short 25th Birthday Wishes

Send a short yet sweet wish to your favorite birthday boy/girl who will be celebrating their 25th today. It is not how much but in fact what you write that matters. Check out our list of short yet sweet wishes down below.

  • Wishing you all the joy you can take — and more — on your 25th birthday and beyond!
  • You’re one-fourth of the way to 100, way to go.
  • Keep calm and have a happy 25th birthday.
  • Happy 25th anniversary of your birth.
  • Birthdays are always special to everyone. But today is a bit more special day for you as you’ve turned 25. Congratulations dear! May the happiness impel your steps to life! Best wishes for your life!
  • A happy quarter of a century!”
  • Have a super-duper birthday! Wishing you an unforgettably happy day!
  • You’re only 25 once, so enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Today you have come to one of the beautiful moments of life. Happy 25th birthday, my son! We’re blessed to have you in our life. Thanks for being so loving and caring. May God bless you with many years of a happy and successful life!
  • Hoping your 25th birthday is the start of a new era of prosperity, purpose, and happiness for you.
Short 25th Birthday Wishes
Short 25th Birthday Wishes

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