107 BIRTHDAY Wishes Greetings for CATS in 2022

Cats are, without a doubt, the cutest animals on the planet. Everyone’s pet is very important to them. So why don’t we have a birthday party for them? Others may think it’s foolish, but your fluffy friend deserves your attention on its birthday. These birthday greetings for kitties can brighten their day. Even if they can’t read, it would add to the fun of the day.

Choosing the appropriate words might be tough, so we’ve put these cat birthday wishes on our website to help you figure out how to wish your cat a happy birthday, or to send birthday greetings to a friend’s cat. Here are some greetings to get you started on capturing your pet cat’s attention on its special day.

Birthday Wishes for My Cat

If your cat or a friend’s cat is celebrating a birthday today and you’re looking for emotional notes to make the event even more memorable, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

  • As today is your birthday, I will listen to your demands and won’t complain about you. You can boss me around how you want. Happy Birthday, young Master.
  • Watching you grow and play around makes me happy and proud like a parent. I love you. May you always be cheerful and never get sick. Happy Birthday, Kitty.
  • After coming home all tired, I become fresh again when you jump at me and meow. Happy birthday my fluffiest cute little cat.
  • There’s nothing I can call my personal space cause you invaded every place along with my heart. I wish you a happy birthday, you little disastrous devil.
  • You are not just my pet; you are my life’s healing balm. When problems crop up from left, right and center, your cute purrs make everything seem calm. Happy birthday.
  • After having a long day, your cuddles and warm head rubs boost my energy and brighten me up. Have a wonderful birthday, my cute little furball.
  • Sometimes you claw me, sometimes you purr in my lap. Sometimes I feel ignored. Sometimes you take a nap. Whatever you do, I just want you to know – that my love for you will forever grow. Happy birthday.
  • There is not a single person in the whole world who can make me break into a smile even in the middle of tears, except you. Happy birthday to my cute cat.
  • You are the source of my joy and cure for my stress. Even when you break my things and scratch me, I instantly forget those after looking at your cute innocent eyes. Happy birthday my cutest little buddy.
  • See, I got you a big fish. Your servant serves you dearly, master. Happy Birthday.
  • Sometimes I feel like you can feel my emotions, my sadness. The way you coax me when I am down, I am grateful to you, my little companion. So here’s your Happy Birthday card and gift.
Birthday Wishes for My Cat
Birthday Wishes for My Cat

Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Cat

 Even if they are unable to read, it will provide an opportunity for them to create memories. So, on your cat’s birthday, spoil him or her with his or her favorite food and toys, as well as a lot of photos to retain a memory for the future.

  • When you welcome us home with your little cat, he/she also starts to imitate your actions. Those are so adorable! Happy birthday to your furball.
  • Wishing your cute little cat a happy birthday and also congratulations for making you a responsible, mature person.
  • Happy birthday to your little one and favorite buddy. May he/she grow up healthy and cuter. Okay! Okay, I know he/she is the cutest in the whole world.
  • A little celebration for the little cute and fluffiest thing on the planet, may he/she get all the happiness and love of the world.
  • Happy birthday to the most adorable cat who becomes a year older today! The joy he/she brings into our life, hope he/she gets more than that.
  • I hope your days have his/her countless happy “meow.” Happy birthday to your kitty.
  • Happy birthday to your sweetest, cutest and best cat. Look at those paws! Oh, she/ he grew so well! May this little thing shine every day.
  • Here’s the birthday card I made for our little friend and your master. I am grateful to him/her for listening to all your whinings and naggings. Happy birthday to your boss at home.
Birthday Wishes for a Friends Cat
Birthday Wishes for a Friends Cat

Happy Birthday Kitty

These greatest birthday wishes for cats can help you celebrate your beloved cat’s birthday. If it’s your friend’s birthday, you can either wish their cat.

  • I am proud to have discovered the cure for anxiety and stress. It is you, my pretty kitty – I love you in excess. Happy birthday.
  • You have taken over my armchair, sofa, bookshelf, comforter, laptop and the most important of all – my heart. Happy birthday to my cuddly cat.
  • I think you secretly know how cute you really are, and you take advantage of your cuteness all the time. Happy birthday cute kitty.
  • Happy birthday to the most adorable member of this household who is the definition of the word CUTE. Happy birthday.
  • If your cute meows didn’t melt my heart, I wouldn’t have tolerated your arrogant ways from the start. Happy birthday.
  • When I got you, I thought I was getting a pet cat. But as time has gone by I have obviously realized that I got myself a master. Happy birthday sir.
  • I don’t care about myths that say that black cats bring bad luck. All I know is that you bring happiness to my life. Happy birthday cutie.
  • No medicine in the world has the power to heal heartbreak and soothe away the tension from my life like the purr of my cat. Happy birthday baby.
  • If cats really have nine lives, I hope you take birth in my house as my pet every single time. Happy birthday.
  • Even though you tear my cushions and rip apart my books – I have no choice but to love you because of your cute looks. Happy birthday kitty.
  • You have no idea how powerful your purr is. I adopted you because my heart melted when you purred and it changed my life forever. Happy birthday.
  • Staring at your cute little face, listening to your meows and rubbing you on your head puts me in a happy face called heaven. Happy birthday kitty.
Happy Birthday Kitty
Happy Birthday Kitty

Funny Cat Birthday Wishes

Cats are amusing and affectionate creatures who make excellent pets. Is your cat getting another year of love or celebrating its birthday? Whatever the case may be, a cherished pet cat deserves a small celebration on its birthday. 

  • My boyfriend is jealous of you because I love allowing you to lick me, curl up in bed with me and play with me till no end. Even he does not get some of these privileges. Happy birthday kitty.
  • Hey cat, I want you to know that you are my idol on your birthday. I wish I could sleep, eat, roam about, and be loved whenever I wished without having to be nice to anyone. Happy birthday.
  • You may be my pet cat, but sometimes treat me as a doormat. But regardless of how arrogant you seem, your cuteness will forever make my heart gleam. Happy birthday.
  • You have occupied my heart, which I liked. But you have also occupied my bed, for which I didn’t have a choice. Happy birthday.
  • I don’t know whether I am wishing a happy birthday to my master or my pet. Happy birthday, kitty.
  • Happy birthday your highness. What would you like me to get for you today? Please meow whenever you need me in any way.
  • Whoever says that a woman’s mood swings are unpredictable has obviously never had a pet cat. Your mood swings, my dear kitty, are off the hook – but I still love you. Happy birthday.
  • My best friend is extremely photogenic, graceful, stylish, independent and self-centered. She is not a supermodel; she is my loving cat. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • I got you a gift on your birthday. Will you be kind enough to get into the mood of opening it? Happy birthday kitty.
Funny Cat Birthday Wishes
Funny Cat Birthday Wishes

Status Update for my Cat’s Birthday

If there is an award for the most difficult pet to understand, it goes without a doubt to cats.
They’re difficult to understand. Their masters are likely to have a love-hate connection with them. They’ll rip your stuff apart, scratch your furniture, but most importantly, their warm head bumps will leave a mark on your heart.

If your cat’s birthday is today, a special birthday greeting, as well as food and treats, would be appropriate.

  • I know that many will see you as just an ordinary cat, but to me, you are more than just a simple cat, you are a special friend who I love and treasure so much. Have a fabulous day of birth, my dear!
  • Show a little enthusiasm, it’s your birthday!
  • Today, I pledge to make this extraordinary day of yours one that is as sweet as your irresistible head rubs. Happy Big Day, my dear!
  • I see you as a blessing from the Lord because you never cease to make my day such an incredible one. Have a delightful birthday, my most special furry friend.
  • I have become a more loving and caring person just by having you in my life. I am grateful to the Lord for giving such an amazing pet to me. Happy birthday.
  • You have improved the quality of my life and have made my house a happy home. I can’t thank you enough for your great companionship and love. Happy birthday, cat!
  • If I could speak cat language, I know we will have a lot to talk about. You are such a lovely little kitty who always melts my heart all the time. Happy birthday, my beloved CATSNAME.
  • For all the joy and excitement that you bring me, I pray that you live long and set a record as the oldest and happiest cat on this earth. Wishing you an extra wonderful birthday, my dear little kitty!!
  • It is astonishing the way you are able to reduce the stress in me after a long day’s work. I am beyond gratified to have you in my life. Happy birthday!
  • CATSNAME, you are such an adorable cat to have as a pet. You make each day of my existence a truly amazing one, and that is why I have developed so much affection for you. Happy birthday.
  • Making me feel like the luckiest cat owner in the world is something really priceless. I thank you so much for this. Wishing you a fabulous day of birth!
  • The comforting noise of you purring is just what I need to make my day such a lovely and refreshing one. Wishing you a happy and comfortable one, my dearest cat!
  • I used to spend a lot of time all by myself until you came into my life and took away the depressing loneliness that was killing my soul. How can I ever thank you for that priceless treasure you have blessed me with?! Happy birthday!
  • My lovely and precious cat, you are one of the most special companions I’ve ever had in this life, and I want to take this Big Day in your world to wish you a very joyful birthday.
  • Everyone, please join me in wishing a gladsome birthday to the world’s most lovable cat! Spending time with my dear CATSNAME brings me so much happiness and joy.
  • To the world’s cutest kitty, CATSNAME, I say, “Thanks for being such a treasure in my life”. Happy birthday, and may only sweet things come your way today.
  • You are the cure to all of my anxiety problems, and this makes me never want to spend a day without you. I wish you a joyful birthday.
  • Show a little enthusiasm, it’s your birthday!
  • I am so proud to have such a beautiful and lovely cat like you as my pet. Happy birthday, my dear!
  • The relief and joy I get from just petting you is an absolute delight. Happy birthday!
  • Today, nothing will bring me more joy than making you feel like the luckiest cat ever, and I believe you deserve every love and care that I give you. Happy birthday.
  • It is always lovely to have a cat as a pet, but it is lovelier to have one who is as outstandingly special as you are. Happy birthday!
  • I chose you to be my best friend because you are such a wonderful cat with cute purrs and round blue eyes. To my little tiger, I wish you a lovely birthday!
  • Watching you play around boosts the energy inside of me and decorates my darkened skies with sunshine. CATSNAME, I am so elated to have such a treasure like you in my life. Happy birthday.
Status Update for my Cats Birthday
Status Update for my Cats Birthday

Cute Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Cat

Use one of these charming and fantastic phrases to express your love for your darling furball, your cat, on its birthday. You can read a long selection of greetings and wishes to your friend’s adorable pet.

  • Happy birthday to CATSNAME! May his/her birthday bless her with a life that is full of countless beautiful colors and happy moments.
  • Sending my heartiest birthday greetings and blessings to your dearest CATSNAME! Thank him on my behalf for adding so much color into our lives.
  • Happy birthday to your absolutely adorable furry little friend! It’s amazing how every year, he/she is blessed with more beauty and grace.
  • Wishing your lovely furry friend a super duper happy birthday. May he/she continue to bring warmth and happiness into your world.
  • Happiness is having a bright and warm pet like your beloved CATSNAME. On his/her special day, may all the things that bring him/her bliss find their way to his/her heart. He/she deserves this for being an absolutely lovely pet.
  • Wishing CATSNAME the best of luck on this beautiful day that she made her entry into the world. May happiness and good luck surround her…today and forever.
  • Happy Birthday, Kitty Cat!
  • For your pet cat’s birthday, I wish it an absolutely beautiful day filled with countless happy meows – and may the joy he/she fills today spread to every day of his/her life.
  • My hearty congratulations to your remarkably pretty little kitty as she celebrates her birthday on this beautiful day! I have just one sincere wish for her on this special day. May she forever swoon in joy.
  • Happy Birthday, Kitty Cat!
  • There’s absolutely not a shred of doubt in my mind that your cat is one of the cutest pets my eyes have ever seen. I hope every moment of her birthday is as sweet as she is to your heart and the hearts of all who love her.
  • Hurrah! Your fabulously sweet and cute CATSNAME becomes a year older today! For being such an incredibly wonderful pet, may happiness completely take over his/her heart on his/her birthday and on all the days of his/her life.
  • Here’s to your treasured kitty’s special day! I hope she’s blessed with the happiness and sunshine she brings into your world.
  • On the birthday celebration of your sweet CATSNAME, I pray life will make her the happiest pet in the world.
  • Wishing your wonderful and sweet cat an amazing birthday. May all the beautiful things that make her happy, healthy and strong pay her a visit on this special day and stay with her until the end of time.
  • Personally I don’t think your cat’s birthday is the only time we should celebrate him/her. CATSNAME is so adorable that he/she needs to be celebrated every day. You are lucky to have him/her as a pet and a companion. May his/her Maker abundantly bless him/her today!
  • Wishing your one and only darling cat a birthday that is as beautiful and radiant as the colors of the rainbow. May he/she always feel happiness and love.
Cute Birthday Wishes for a Friends Cat
Cute Birthday Wishes for a Friends Cat

Very Purry Birthday Wishes for your Cute Cat.

 They’re adorable and cuddly, and they keep you company. When your pet cat’s birthday arrives, it’s wonderful to send it a note, even though it won’t understand what you’re saying.

  • Everyone who comes to the house seems to know I have a cat even without seeing you first. Your scratch marks are everywhere but how can I get angry at something so cute. Have a blessed birthday.
  • People say I’m too obsessed with my cat, but that is because they don’t know how much happiness you bring to my heart. If I could speak meow, I would sing you a happy birthday song in meow.
  • It used to be so lonely without you around. Your presence in my life has made so much of a difference. You are a cat that brings so much happiness and you deserve the best on your birthday. Enjoy!
  • Happy Birthday, you cute thing!
Very Purry Birthday Wishes for your Cute Cat.
Very Purry Birthday Wishes for your Cute Cat.

Cat Birthday Wishes for Instagram

You agree that cats are not only the finest pets to keep around, but they are also the cutest and most adorable creatures man has ever had if you are a cat lover.

  • Wish you the best on your birth anniversary. I have bought a scratch post just for you. So you can scratch it to your heart’s content.
  • I think I’m going to end up fattening you up today. I have got all your favorite treats here for you on this special day.
  • ello, my feline master. Your human servant wants to wish you a very happy birthday, and hope he could remain at your servitude now and forever. May god bless your majesty.
  • You are my hero, kitty cat. I do not see any more mice around the house, thanks to you. The least I can do is show you love on your birthday and get you anything you want.
  • You’re my greatest mood booster. Have a fabulous birthday!
  • Spending time with you brings so much happiness and sunshine into my life. Have a birthday that is as fabulous as your priceless “meows”.
  • Happy Birthday! Today is your birthday- the day you are allowed to scratch people, break vases and do whatever you like (which you do anyway).
  • Happy Birthday! Today is your birthday- the day you are allowed to scratch people, break vases and do whatever you like (which you do anyway).
  • Nothing beats the joy you bring to my life every single day. I’ve got fish for you. Your favorite! Have a wonderful birthday.
  • It is your birthday and I am going to make you feel like what you truly are, the coolest cat in the world. May you be blessed with a truly gleeful birthday celebration.
  • Isn’t it weird that I think about you, my cat, so much? I am always thinking about your well-being, whenever I am away from you. I will make this birthday special for you.
  • I used to be someone who wasn’t mature enough to even take care of himself. Then you came and taught me how to take care of someone else. For this and everything else, thank you. Happy birthday, pal.
  • On this beautiful day of yours, I promise to make you the happiest cat in the world because you bring so much joy into my life. Happy birthday.
  • Your meow is the only sound that gives me hope every morning. Happy birthday.
  • Today is your birthday, so you can have all the meat you want and more. You are precious to me and I would do anything to see you happy on your birthday. Have a blast.
  • You are close to my heart and you always will. A toast to the craziest and the most amazing cat. Have a euphoric birthday, buddy!
Cat Birthday Wishes for Instagram
Cat Birthday Wishes for Instagram

Birthday Wishes for Cat Lover

Cats are beloved for their cuteness and their “meows”, but choosing the right words to celebrate their birthdays is often a difficult task.

  • What can I call you, but a friend that is there for me all the time? Your company always brightens up my day. Have a sweet birthday.
  • You have been a constant companion to me; someone to brighten up my days and bring a smile on face. Wish this bond continues forever. Wishing you a happy birthday, lovely friend.
  • A cool birthday to my cat! I had always seen myself as a lazy person until you came into my life. I did not know I could love and care for something as much as I care for you. Thank you for revealing this part of myself to me. Stay happy.
  • I will forever be thankful that God gave you to me. I hope I can fill your days with as much happiness as you fill mine with.
  • Happy Birthday, you cute thing!
  • You are a very important part of my life. I will get for you all the birds in the world just to make you happy. Happy birthday.
  • You are so fluffy and I love it when you are in my arms. Petting you is one of the best things to do during the day. Have tremendous fun on your birthday!
  • My life has been full of sunny days ever since you came into my life. Happy birthday.
  • You are the best gift to have walked into my life. I thank God for giving me the greatest cat. Have a super birthday.
  • Nothing melts my heart the way having you in my life does. Thank you for making my life heavenly. Happy birthday.
  • Hello, my cute little friend! It is your birthday today, even though you might not realize it. Don’t worry, sit tight and enjoy while I shower you with treats. Wish you a very happy birthday, darling.
  • The best friendships are born with mutual understanding and being crazy together. By that definition, ours have been one of the best friendships to ever exist. Happy birthday, dear friend. May your fur remain shiny forever.
  • Today is your birthday- the day you are allowed to scratch people, break vases and do whatever you like (which you do anyway). A very happy and thrilling birthday, pal.
  • Of all the billions of people in the world, I was the luckiest to be blessed with you. You bring so much happiness into my life, and that is a feeling I can never trade for all the wealth in the world. Happy birthday.
  • Though we don’t speak the same language, I know you’re telling me you love me whenever you meow. Happy birthday.
Birthday Wishes for Cat Lover
Birthday Wishes for Cat Lover

Happy Birthday, Cute Cat!

To make this easier for you, we have compiled a few wishes you can use to commemorate the big day of your cat or someone else’s.

  • Despite the time when you have scratched me bloody, I could never resist spending time with you. In your own, purring way, you are the best cat anyone could ever hope to meet. Happy birthday, sweet pea.
  • I’m going to make all your cat’s dreams come true on its birthday today. Meaning I am going to bring it all the meat and milk it can eat and drink.
  • I hope this birthday gets your kitty cat on cloud nine. I am actually jealous of it because it eats and sleeps better than I do.
  • I can’t imagine what would have happened to my friend if you were not part of his/her life. I can’t thank you enough for bringing light that is beyond that of a million suns into his/her life. Happy birthday.
  • [Name of Cat] is the most intelligent cat I have ever met. If I didn’t know better, I would say it is smarter than its owner. I’m hoping it gets filled with bliss on its birthday.
  • We are all fond of your cat and wish we had had one ourselves. I hope it enjoys its birthday. Tell it to stay cute as always.
  • On this special birthday, we honor a cat that has more demands than any creature I have ever met. We love it greatly.
  • I am hoping your cat has a phenomenal birthday. It is one of the most remarkable creatures I have ever encountered. I hope it is filled with joy on this spectacular day.
  • I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. You are the cutest cat in the world. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • Today is the day you graced this earth and our lives with your presence. May you continue to have beautiful fur that shines brighter than all the stars in the universe. Happy birthday.
  • You captured my heart from the moment I set my eyes on you. Thank you for being the world’s most adorable cat. Happy birthday.
  • Honestly, I have learnt a lot from your cat since I got to know it. It seems to act more mature and older than we are. This makes me believe what is said about cats having nine lives. I hope it enjoys its birthday.
  • A long life to the most adorable cat in the world on its special birthday. Do not be too hard on your master. He/she strives to be awesome like you.
  • A fantastic birthday to a sizzling cat! We all wish we could be as cute as you but unfortunately the bar you have set is too high for us.
  • Happy Birthday! In your own, purring way, you are the best cat anyone could ever hope to meet.
  • Happy Birthday.
  • Today is a special day for your cat, our special friend. I couldn’t let the day pass by without saying a big happy birthday to it. I wish it many more years here on earth with us.
  • Each time you cuddle up on my laps, you send me to paradise. It is my wish that you receive the best of treats and foods on your big day. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing the most astonishing cat a blissful birthday. [Name of Cat] is part of the family and we do nothing but celebrate family on their special days. I wish her a fun-packed day.
  • Your cat is in a way similar to a “gold digger”. It only draws closer to me when I have something it can eat. I love that cat either way. A joyous birthday to it.
  • Happy Birthday.
  • I pray our dear cat gets the happiness in life it deserves. This is only fair because it has brought us happiness. A treat-filled birthday to it.
  • I have seen my friend become a much better human being, ever since you came into his life. Then I met you and realized why. Happy birthday to the most amazing cat ever.
  • Hello, feline master. This is the friend of your human slave, or as you like to call me, your other slave. I want to offer my best wishes for your birthday, and hope you could grace us forever. All hail the Lord.
  • You might not wag your tail or jump on me to show your affection whenever you see me, but when you nestle in my lap you cause my heart to overflow with happiness. Happy birthday.
  • I was never a great animal-lover, until the first time you meowed at me. Thanks for coming into my life and teaching me that animals are perhaps better companions than humans. Happy birthday.
  • Of all the cats in the world, I like your “meow” the best. It is my favorite sound to hear. Have a glorious birthday.
  • I consider your beloved cat to be part of our group. We basically do everything together. I want to wish my good friend and a fellow group member an exciting birthday.
  • You were the cutest kitten when I first met you, and now you are the most awesome cat. Here is a wonderful birthday and much more to come, where you might hopefully evolve into a tiger or something.
  • Happy Birthday! In your own, purring way, you are the best cat anyone could ever hope to meet.
  • Thank you for your priceless companionship. May your birthday bring you as much happiness as you bring my beloved friend.
  • Happy birthday to my best furry friend in the world. I love you for making the hard days of my life bearable.
  • I have never been a fan of pets but you are special and something else. I am glad your owner decided to have you. Have a terrific birthday.
  • I want to honor [Name of Cat] on its birthday by wishing it all the best. It is majestic and beautiful in every way possible.
  • If I had one wish, I’d wish to become a cat like you just to tell you in your language exactly how much I love and cherish you. I am so privileged to know you. Have the best meow birthday.
Happy Birthday Cute Cat
Happy Birthday Cute Cat

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