Sweet and Sentimental: First Birthday Wishes for Baby

Birthdays are very special and exciting occasions, especially the birthdays of little children. They may not be able to play or even remember their birthday but it is the most exciting event for the parents of the baby. The very first birthday of a child is important to celebrate with joy! Just a party is not sufficient, but the day should be filled with the love, care, and adoration of family and friends! You should send a thoughtful first birthday wish if your friend’s or a family member’s baby is turning one because it will mean a lot to parents. If you do not what to say then do not worry as we are here to help. We have collected diverse First Birthday Wishes & Messages for Baby that include Emotional 1st Birthday Wish From Parents To Baby, Best Wishes For Baby Boy On 1st Birthday, Short Wishes For 1st Birthday, 1st Birthday Wishes For Social Media Post, Wishes For Parents On Baby’s 1st Birthday, Sentimental 1st Birthday Quotes and Funny 1st Birthday wishes.

This article has more First Birthday Wishes & Messages for Baby like 1st Birthday Wishes For Nephew Or Niece, Memorable 1st Birthday Wish Messages and 1st Birthday Wishes On Virtual Birthday Celebration. If you also have a first birthday coming of your child or any other lovely kid in your life, make sure you send him/her the cutest wishes and heartfelt love! Nwishes brings to you the best and biggest collection of birthday wishes for the first birthday of a baby.

First Birthday Wishes & Messages for Baby

Celebrating a baby’s first birthday is a memorable milestone for both the baby and their parents. It’s the first year of countless precious memories and major developments that will shape their unique personality. It’s a celebration filled with joy, laughter, and often, cake-smudged faces! Here are some creative and heartfelt first birthday wishes and messages you can share on this occasion.

Heartwarming Messages

  1. A Year of Love and Joy: “Happy 1st Birthday to the little one who brought us 365 days of total joy! Your infectious laughter and sparkling eyes light up our world.”
  2. Precious Firsts: “On your 1st birthday, we celebrate all your firsts – your first smile, your first step, your first word. Each one a precious memory we will cherish forever.”

Fun and Whimsical Wishes

  1. Cake and Candles: “Happy Birthday to our adorable one-year-old! May your day be filled with frosting-covered smiles and the joy of tearing into your first birthday cake.”
  2. Growing Up Fast: “Happy 1st Birthday, little one! It seems just yesterday you were swaddled in our arms, and now you’re already taking your first steps. Can’t wait for the many more ‘firsts’ to come.”

Emotional Messages for Parents

  1. A Parent’s Delight: “Congratulations on your baby’s first birthday! It’s incredible how a tiny bundle of joy has brought such enormous love into your lives.”
  2. Pride and Joy: “You’ve spent the first year of your baby’s life shaping and nurturing them. Today, take a moment to celebrate this first milestone and bask in the joy of seeing your little one grow.”

Sweet and Simple Messages

  1. One Year of Cuddles: “Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest one-year-old who has given us more love and happiness than we ever thought possible.”
  2. Happy Wishes: “Wishing a very Happy 1st Birthday to the most special baby. May your days be filled with endless joy and laughter.”

Birthday Wishes for the Future

  1. Bright Future Ahead: “Happy First Birthday! May your life be filled with love, happiness, and success. Looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you.”
  2. A World of Possibilities: “Happy 1st Birthday! You have a whole world of possibilities in front of you. Can’t wait to see the incredible person you’ll become.”


A baby’s first birthday is more than just a milestone; it’s an opportunity to express your boundless love and dreams for their future. Whether you’re the parent, grandparent, or a loving friend, sharing these heartfelt messages can make the celebration even more special.

Remember, the key to a great first birthday message is to keep it personal and genuine. Write from the heart, and it will surely touch the hearts of the ones who receive it. Happy writing, and happy first birthday to the special baby in your life!

Top 10 First Birthday Wishes & Messages for Baby

1. “Congratulations, your parents have managed to tolerate you, and you have managed to tolerate your parents for one whole year. Only about two more decades to go before you move out. Happy first birthday.”

A person’s or baby’s birthday is a highly meaningful day in their life. It commemorates one’s birth anniversary. Everyone is born at some point. Use this amazing first birthday wish to wish the young soul. Believe us, it will mean a lot to his/her parents.

2. “Happy first birthday to you! We love you like your parents do and hope you receive many amazing presents that you enjoy playing with.”

Sometimes all people want is a simple message or a wish but that one must be catchy and impressive. If you want a first birthday wish for a baby then you are in the perfect place. If you like this wish then go ahead and use this one.

3. “Your parents are lucky to have you, as you are to have them! Such a perfect family! Happy birthday little one.”

Wishes help us generate wonderful memories, and birthdays are the perfect chance to make some meaningful remarks. Use this first birthday message for the baby who is celebrating his/her 1st birthday. That kid achieved his/her first milestone and it deserves a celebration.

4. “Forget the latest iPhone. YOU are the latest obsession of the entire family. Happy 1st birthday.”

You can use this first birthday wish on greeting cards, birthday present notes, emails, e-cards, and even social media postings to show the world how much you appreciate the little angel. Make the lovely little soul’s day better by showering him with happiness.

5. “A first birthday is special because it‘s the only time when you can eat your birthday cake with your hands, face or feet! Happy bday!”

The yearly birthday celebration is a day to honour when a person was born. Send wonderful words and wishes to your loved ones to add to their happiness and blessings on this day to make it extra memorable. If you don’t know how to wish a baby then you can use this first birthday wish.

6. “Never underestimate the power that one-year-olds possess. From constant squeals to dirty nappies, they make everyone dance on their tiny fingers. Happy birthday.”

Every parent looks forward to their child’s birthday. Although the child will not read your wishes, it is a good way to show the parents that you are pleased about the event. So, if a loved one is celebrating their baby’s birthday, send them this first birthday wish to show them how much you care.

7. “On your first birthday, we want to celebrate the miracle of your birth and new life by stuffing our faces in front of you. Yum! Happy first birthday!”

A newborn infant is the most perfect gift from heaven. It’s one of the most joyful times in the couple’s life. The first birthday celebration is the next significant event in a baby’s life. None of us can recall our first birthdays, but our parents do. So if you are related to the infant’s parents then send this first birthday wish to them to make their kid’s birthday memorable.

8. “Let’s toast to a year of sleepless nights and immeasurable joy! You turned one!”

Wishes and messages that are short and crispy always make their way into our list. We prefer to add short ones because sometimes people just hate reading big captions, so for their convenience, we’ve added this Short first birthday message that you can use for a baby.

9. “Turning one means never having to say you’re sorry. Just cry and only stop when your mom and dad have forgiven you. Enjoy the good times, while they last!”

If you are here because you are on the lookout for a first birthday wish or message then be happy because you’re at your final stop. We searched the whole web and found this one. You can go ahead and use this message for baby’s first birthday.

10. “Hoping you shake, rattle and roll every second of your first birthday!”

When a baby is born it’s a year full of new obstacles and problems for new parents, but it’s also a year full of pleasant and unforgettable memories. It is time for your friend’s kid’s birthday and you do not know what to send them. Our advice is to send them this first birthday wish. This wish will just enlighten their day and will make their baby’s birthday memorable.

Emotional 1st Birthday Wish From Parents To Baby

The first birthday marks a year since the baby started to enlighten the lives of all the parents. Here are the most emotional wordings to mark your baby’s first birthday.

  • I thank God for giving me the privilege to share your first birthday with you. You are an amazing little kid and I can assure you, life has definitely been better since you arrived. Love you lots baby.
  • Your smile and naughtiness are capable enough to kill our frowns. I wish you the best happy 1st birthday.
  • Loving you is easy, holding you and keeping you safe from any harm imaginable makes me feel like a god. I will forever be here baby, as you grow, grow knowing I love you so much.
  • My cute baby has completed the first year of his life, I wish you a very happy birthday my little son and I love you so much.
  • All my love and care are only for you and you are my cute adorable baby. Happy first birthday my darling.
  • I wish everyone will just become like a little baby that you are, free minded, ever smiling and always happy. Have a great day son.
  • You are as precious as sapphire and diamond. My world revolves around you. Happy 1st birthday my baby.
  • You are the tiniest piece in our family but you have enough potential that you have stolen everyone’s heart. Happy 1st birthday my little cute baby.
  • My little angel turns one, sharing this moment with you makes my heart skip all the beats you know. As you read this, my birthday wishes to you is that you grow strong, adorable and as cute as ever. Happy 1st birthday little one!
  • You are the season of spring in my life, my entity has completed with your presence. You are my lovable baby.
Emotional 1st Birthday Wish From Parents To Baby
Emotional 1st Birthday Wish From Parents To Baby

Best Wishes For Baby Boy On 1st Birthday

If a little King has completed a year of ruling your hearts then, Here are some amazing first birthday wishes for a baby boy.

  • You might not know it just yet but in one small year, you have brightened my world and become the sunshine of my life.
  • I’m wishing you a happy 1st birthday, my special son!
  • Before you even entered this world, my sweetheart, I already loved you with all of my heart.
  • Happy 1st birthday, son! As you enter years rather than months, my beautiful baby boy, I wish only the best in life for you as you continue to grow!
  • My super adorable son is already a 1-year-old! No longer are we counting the months leading up to your 1st birthday, for today you’ve reached one whole year!
  • This past year has been the happiest, most love-filled year of our lives full of so many special moments, and we have you to thank for that, our cute little boy!
  • Happy 1st birthday to my spectacular son! May you have many joy-filled years ahead and I hope that only happiness blesses your cute little soul.
  • Someday you’ll look back and see that you always have been my biggest blessing. I’ll love you with my whole heart forever. Happy 1st birthday from mom, my sweet son.
  • Exactly one year ago to this day, I received the greatest gift of my life yet: a beautiful baby boy of my own!
  • Thank you for filling my heart with so much love this past year, my darling boy!
Best Wishes For Baby Boy On 1st Birthday
Best Wishes For Baby Boy On 1st Birthday

Short Wishes For 1st Birthday

Wish a baby on his/her birthday with these cute, little wishes and send him/her love.

  • Happy1st birthday! We wish you an awesome day and hope you receive many more wishes and presents.
  • One year ago, we were blessed with an angel! Happy Birthday, our teddy bear!
  • Happy first birthday to a lovely baby! You are indeed a gift for the family. Stay blessed!
  • Happy 1st Birthday! May every year of your life be happy and joyful!
  • Our precious child, Happy First Birthday to you! Don’t grow up so fast please!
  • Our darling child, Happy First Birthday! May that cute laughter never fade away!
  • Happy 1st Birthday, little angel! You are the source of our happiness!
  • You are so adorable and cute that you deserve the most spectacular birthday celebration. Congratulations on your first birthday of life!
  • Time flies away so fast and the little doll is already a year old! Happy Birthday!
  • Hurray! You are turning one! It’s high time to cut the cake and have some fun. Happy first birthday!
Short Wishes For 1st Birthday
Short Wishes For 1st Birthday

1st Birthday Wishes For Social Media Post

Celebrating birthdays on social media has become the latest trend. Wish the little baby on social media the most precious words.

  • Our warmest wishes go to the little queen of this house, who is turning a year old today! Happy First Birthday, our precious fairy! We love you!
  • May the innocence in your eyes and the purity of your face stay forever with you. A very warm wish for you on this special day!
  • You are still too young to realize how happy we are today. But pictures of your 1st birthday will always speak of our joys for having you!
  • Today we celebrate the very first birthday of our precious little one. Thanks for giving us 365 days of boundless joy and a smile!
  • May you grow up to be a handsome, wise, and strong man someday. May you be the real protector for those around you. Happy 1st birthday!
  • As you grow up day by day, our smiles grow bigger and bigger. The first year of your life was full of sweet memories for us!
  • Happy 1st Birthday, little angel! You are the source of our happiness!
  • I wish you grow up to be as wise as your father and as polite as your mother. Many congratulations on your 1st birthday of life!
  • It’s just a year since you are born, but you have given us so many sweet memories to cherish for our lifetimes! Happy 1st birthday to our little star!
  • A sweet little baby girl like you is a blessing for everyone around you. Wishing you all the very best for your 1st birthday ever!
1st Birthday wishes for social media post
1st Birthday wishes for social media post

Wishes For Parents On Baby’s 1st Birthday

The little baby may not be able to understand your words but it is the parents who are to be congratulated in reality. Here are some of the best wishes for the baby’s parents.

  • May the moments of smiles and joy continue to grow in years to come as you celebrate your son turning one!
  • He may be still tiny and small but he’s stolen the hearts of us all. Congrats on your son turning one!
  • Happy first birthday to your little buckaroo! You’ve done a fabulous job you two!
  • Hugs and kisses and first birthday wishes! Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on your son’s birthday!
  • Your lives have changed and time has flown by but you’ve done a great job your first year with your sweet little guy!
  • Happy first birthday to your little guy! He seems to certainly be the apple of your eye! Can you believe the first year with your baby boy has gone so fast? Wishing you a great birthday bash!
  • May the celebration of the first year of parenthood be the beginning of joyous years ahead with your son.
  • You made it, mom and dad! The first year is here and it’s time to celebrate all of you!
  • From tiny toes to toy trucks, your little boy is special and you’ve been blessed with a lot of luck! Congrats on your son’s first birthday!
Wishes For Parents On Babys 1st Birthday
Wishes For Parents On Babys 1st Birthday

Sentimental 1st Birthday Quotes

It is an emotional event to see a baby close to your heart grow up so quickly. These sentimental first birthday quotes are the best to express your emotions on a baby’s first birthday.

  • You always make us all amazed by the sparkles in your eyes. I’m sure you’ll grow up to be the star someday. Happy 1st birthday to you!
  • Our darling child, Happy First Birthday! May that cute laughter never fade away!
  • One year ago, we were blessed with an angel! Happy Birthday, our teddy bear!
  • It’s a unique privilege for us to be here today. The cute little baby I know has spent a wonderful first year of his life. Happy birthday!
  • It feels like yesterday that you were born. I can’t believe you have turned one this quick. Please stay a baby forever. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on your first birthday of life!
  • Time flies away so fast and the little doll is already a year old! Happy Birthday!
  • You are so adorable and cute that you deserve the most spectacular birthday celebration.
  • Our precious child, Happy First Birthday to you! Don’t grow up so fast please!
  • Happy 1st Birthday! May every year of your life be happy and joyful!
  • You are the smartest baby boy there is and there will ever be. My good wishes for your future. Congratulations on turning one today!
Sentimental 1st Birthday Quotes
Sentimental 1st Birthday Quotes

Funny 1st Birthday wishes

Kids add joy to our lives. Here are some funny ad joyous wishes for the first birthday of a baby, sed them to the parents or post on social media.

  • Your first birthday is extremely special because you can have your cake with your hands, feet or face! Happy birthday!
  • Eat as much cake as you want today. Because next year, there will be one more candle on the cake and the cake will be a much smaller one!
  • Growing up isn’t a fun. The sooner you realize it, the better. Wishing you all the good moments on your 1st birthday of life!
  • You are too little and too cute that no one actually bothers when you pee while on their laps. It’s always special being a baby. Happy birthday!
  • This is the most charming birthday of your life when you literally have a cake bigger than you. Don’t ruin this cake because you’re not getting one like this anymore!
  • Happy First of many beautiful Birthdays! It’s a shame you’re too young to remember this day
  • Everyone has a great first birthday in life. But when you grow up, trust me no one cares what date is your birthday! Have a wonderful 1st birthday!
  • You know you have given some hard times to your mommy but who cares, it’s your first birthday ever! Enjoy it like a star!
  • You know you can ruin the cake today with your hands and still everyone will be clapping for you. That’s the joy of the 1st birthday in life.
  • Good thing about being a baby is that you don’t have to act lame to make people smile. You are so natural and adorable! Happy birthday!
Funny 1st Birthday wishes
Funny 1st Birthday wishes

1st Birthday Wishes For Nephew Or Niece

We love ad adore our nephew/niece more than anyone in this world. For the best wishes on the little one’s first birthday, dig down!

  • You’re the most adorable, talented, and mischievous nephew there is. Happy birthday to the perfect nephew!
  • This little piggy went to market, This little piggy went home! And this little piggy had a 1st birthday! Happy birthday my little piglet! Your aunty and uncle really do love you!
  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! You look like an angel – and you smell like one, too! Happy 1st Birthday, my pookie-poo! We love you!
  • You’re less like a nephew and more like a son. I hope you understand how much I love and adore you. You’ve enriched my life with meaning and love.
  • You are a wonderful reminder of all that makes life wonderful. Thanks for bringing meaning and wonder into my life.
  • Happy birthday, my dear niece, I know you don’t yet understand this 1st birthday wish! But, hopefully, one day, you’ll look back on this, And, remember how much your aunt and uncle love you, my sweet!
  • Roses are red; violets are blue, But, your cheeks are the rosiest hue! Happiest 1st birthday, my dearest niece!
  • A true uncle remembers your birthday and not just your age. I’m looking forward to many more years celebrating your birthday nephew.
  • You’re the naughtiest nephew but also the cutest, so you’re forgiven.
  • Sugar and spice, These are just a few of the ingredients that make you so nice! You’re turning one today, my dearest niece! Happy 1st birthday to you, my sweet!
1st Birthday Wishes For Nephew Or Niece
1st Birthday Wishes For Nephew Or Niece

Memorable 1st Birthday Wish Messages

The first birthday is more special than any other birthday because it is the first of all others. Celebrate the 1st birthday of a baby with the most memorable wishes given below.

  • Pink lips, bright eyes, and beautiful hair, you already look like a doll! My pretty one, you are going to grow up into a star. Happy 1st birthday!
  • You may not remember the flavor of your first birthday cake, but you will always feel the warmth and love that your parents put into making it a special one. Happy birthday!
  • Baby girl, we could never give you a gift as great as the one you have given us. We are blessed to have a beautiful daughter.
  • It is your big day today, little boy! We wish you a very special birthday because you only turn one once.
  • Well, little princess, your reign over the kingdom of our hearts has reached a full year.
  • You may be just a toddler and may not really care, but we promise to celebrate your birthday with pomp and flair. Happy first birthday!
  • You are one today, and this is a very special day. You might not know it yet, but you are loved by all. Have a great first birthday!
  • Hope you get spoiled on your first birthday. You are an awesome kid and deserve the best things in your life. Enjoy your first special day, little prince!
  • Our first year with you has been the most special year of our lives. We continue to love you more and more every day.
  • Have an awesome day today! You might not remember it, but we all will because it is a special day – the first of many birthdays to come.
Memorable 1st Birthday Wish Messages
Memorable 1st Birthday Wish Messages

1st Birthday Wishes On Virtual Birthday Celebration

In these tough times of social distancing and lockdown, virtual platforms have come to our rescue. So here are a variety of wishes for virtual 1st birthday celebrations of a baby.

  • You have graced our lives for a full year now. Thank you for all that you have given to us. Happy birthday! Sending you virtual hugs.
  • Nothing can explain how proud we are of you and how blessed we are to know you. Have a great birthday today. Lots of Virtual Love!
  • Are you ready to turn one? Ready or not, you are now one! All the best to you, we love you.
  • Hey kiddo, we wish you a great day and hope you receive some great presents.
  • Enjoy your special day. You deserve a lifetime of happiness.
  • Happy first birthday! You are going to be a big boy, and we all look forward to seeing you continue to grow.
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old little girl we have ever known.
  • Happy first birthday to you. Have a rocking day today, and enjoy your cake and ice cream.
  • It’s been a whole year since we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We count those blessings every day.
  • You give us a gift every day. One year with you has meant 365 special gifts for us. Each day with you in our lives is an irreplaceable and priceless present.
1st Birthday Wishes On Virtual Birthday Celebration
1st Birthday Wishes On Virtual Birthday Celebration

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