The term ‘cousin’ is as lovely as the relationship between cousins. Cousins are a family’s second-closest relatives after siblings. They are both family and friends to us. Cousins are extremely important to certain families. They share everything with their relatives, good and bad. We have the most wonderful times of our lives with our cousins.

Every holiday brings the entire family together, and we can all have a good time with our cousins. Every year on July 24, cousin’s day is observed across the world. Let your cousins know how much they mean to you and how much you adore them on this important day. Here are some wishes for cousin’s day that you may send to your cousins!

Happy Cousins Day Wishes & Messages

Cousins are like our first friends, with shared family memories and secrets. Celebrated worldwide, Cousins Day is the perfect time to honor and celebrate these unique relationships. Whether near or far, let your cousins know how special they are to you with these creative and heartfelt wishes and messages.

For Cousins You Grew Up With

Childhood Memories

  • Remember When?: “Happy Cousins Day! Remember when we used to build forts and tell ghost stories? Here’s to more adventures together!”

Partners in Crime

  • Unbreakable Bond: “From stealing cookies to sharing secrets, we’ve done it all. Happy Cousins Day to my partner in crime!”

For Cousins Far Away

Distance Doesn’t Matter

  • Always Close in Heart: “Miles apart but always close at heart, that’s what we are. Happy Cousins Day!”

Virtual Hugs

  • Online Celebration: “Sending a virtual hug your way on Cousins Day. Can’t wait to see you soon!”

For Younger Cousins

Little Buddy

  • Growth and Love: “Watching you grow has been a joy. Happy Cousins Day, little buddy!”

Inspirational Wish

  • Bright Future Ahead: “You’re destined for greatness, and I’m proud to be your cousin. Happy Cousins Day!”

For Older Cousins

Role Model

  • Guiding Light: “You’ve always been my guiding light. Thank you for everything. Happy Cousins Day!”

Timeless Bond

  • Growing Old Together: “From kids to adults, our bond never changes. Happy Cousins Day!”

Social Media Shoutouts

Celebrate Cousins Day with a shoutout on your favorite social media platform.

Facebook or Instagram

  • Photo Memory: Post a throwback picture with the caption: “Years go by, but our memories never fade. Happy Cousins Day!”


  • Quick Appreciation: “A shoutout to my amazing cousins on Cousins Day. Love you all! #CousinsDay”

Cousins Day Cards

Handwritten cards always add a personal touch.

  • Cover: A collage of memories.
  • Inside: “Our memories are a treasure, and so are you. Happy Cousins Day, dear cousin!”

Final Thoughts

Cousins are the special threads that weave the fabric of family life. They are friends, confidantes, and sometimes even partners in mischief. Use these ideas to express your love, gratitude, and affection, making this Cousins Day one to remember. Whether it’s through a phone call, message, social media post, or handwritten card, make sure to reach out and make your cousins feel cherished. Happy Cousins Day!

Happy Cousins Day Wishes

 Tell them how much you appreciate them and how much you enjoy working with them. We may not always convey our thoughts to our loved ones, but cousin’s day is likely the finest chance we have to show how much we care about them. 

  • The bonding I have with you is better than any friendship I’ve ever made. Happy cousins day!
  • Cousins are nothing less than another set of siblings from another home. Happy cousin’s day!
  • Having you as my cousin completes my life. Thanks for always saying “yes” to my weird decisions and supporting me through all the thick and thin. Happy Cousins day, dear.
  • Dear cousin, though we used to fight a lot I want to tell you that you mean a lot to me. I feel blessed to have you as my cousin in life. My prayers are always with you. Happy Cousins Day.
  • Happy Cousins day my dearest cousin. Let’s meet soon. I miss you.
  • God knew if we were siblings, it’d be very tough for our parents to raise us, so he made us cousins. Glad that I have you in my life. Happy cousin’s day.
  • We lose friends from our lives, but cousins stay forever wherever we go! Happy cousins’ day.
  • Childhood friends leave a special mark on our hearts. I’m grateful my childhood friends are still with me and forever will be. Happy cousins’ day!
  • To my favorite cousin, you are really close to my heart. Thanks for always being there whenever I needed you. Happy Cousins Day!
  • One spoon of friends, two spoons of siblings equal cousins! Happy cousins day!
  • The vacations we spent together in grandparent’s house is the best childhood memory I have ever had. I love you. Happy cousin’s day to you.
  • Thanks for always having my back. I love you. Happy Cousins Day dear.
  • Happy Cousins Day dear. I am so blessed to have a cousin like you. Thanks for being my closest friend forever.
  • All of my sweetest memories from childhood are with you. I’ll cherish them and our bonding forever. Happy cousins day.
  • Happy-Cousins-Day-Images
  • Dear cousin, growing up with you has been the best thing in my life. Happy Cousins Day.
  • To my one and only cousin, Happy Cousins Day. Always be happy and healthy.
Happy Cousins Day Wishes
Happy Cousins Day Wishes

Cousin’s Day Wishes for Cousin Brother

Those who have tight ties with their relatives are the most fortunate. Cousin’s Day is July 24th, so show your cousins how much you care. 

  • Cousins or friends, whatever they name it, you are the best brother in the entire world. Happy cousins’ day.
  • Remember how much we used to fight over a toy car? But let me tell you, you were my favorite playmate. I love you brother. Happy Cousins Day!
  • Dear brother, you have never let me feel the absence of a brother. You were always there to protect me. Happy cousin’s day to you.
  • The way we grew up together never let me think of you as anyone less than my own brother. Happy cousins day, brother.
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better brother than the one I was blessed with as a cousin. Happy cousins’ day.
  • I always count you as my own brother for as long as I can remember. Happy cousins day.
  • I have never told you how lucky I feel every moment to have you in my life. You are not only a brother to me, but you are also a very good friend too. Happy Cousins Day Bro!
  • If I didn’t have a cousin like you, my life would have been very boring. You’ve made my life exciting & interesting. I love you brother. Happy Cousins Day!
  • Happy Cousins Day Brother. Thanks for being my game buddy. Because of you I really had an amazing childhood.
  • You were my role model, a brother I always look up to whenever I’m struggling with something. To the best cousin ever- happy cousins’ day!
  • I wouldn’t trade our childhood memories for the world. Thank you for being the best brother.
Cousins Day Wishes for Cousin Brother
Cousins Day Wishes for Cousin Brother

Cousin’s Day Wishes for Cousin Sister

We shared a lot of wonderful moments with them. We consider them to be both family and friends.

  • Whoever doesn’t have a sister like you is missing out on having the most amazing memories in their lives. Happy cousins’ day!
  • What can be better than friendship in the family? Getting a best friend in a sister. Happy cousin’s day, sister.
  • My lovely sister, I am really lucky to have a beautiful cousin like you. Happy cousin’s day. Thanks for always being there.
  • Cousin’s Day Messages for Cousin Sister
  • Sharing my childhood with you is really a blessing to me. We had so much fun every day. You were one of my closest friends of mine and my favorite sister. Happy cousin’s day.
  • I’ve always wondered why we can’t live in the same house as siblings since you were nothing less than a sister to me. Happy cousins’ day.
  • There is no one in this world who understands me as you do. You have always supported me, even at my worst. Happy Cousins day dear.
  • Happy Cousins Day dear. You never let me feel the absence of a sister. You have always fulfilled your responsibilities as a sister. I am so blessed.
  • I cannot thank God enough for giving me a beautiful sister like you. You always spread happiness wherever you go. Happy Cousins Day sis.
  • Sisters are like direct blessings from the universe, a forever friendship I’ll always cherish. Happy cousins’ day.
  • Sisters by blood, best friends by heart. Happy cousins’ day to the best cousin ever.
  • Since the day we were born, we have created an eternal friendship and family bonding. Happy cousins day.
Cousins Day Wishes for Cousin Sister
Cousins Day Wishes for Cousin Sister

Cousins Day Quotes

Cousins are always precious to us and have a particular place in our hearts. They are not only members of our family, but also of our lives. 

  • “Cousins are friends that will love you forever.” – Constance Richards
  • “Friends are chosen family, cousins’ are chosen friends from God. Happy cousins’ day.”
  • “Cousins day? With a brother like you, it’s more like siblings’ day for me. Happy cousins’ day.”
  • Cousins are Cool to see, Impossible to Forget and True to your heart.” – Leo Farno
  • “Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.” – Unknown
  • “Our roots say we’re cousins. Our hearts say we’re friends.” – Unknown
  • “Cousins are many. Best friends are few. What a rare delight to find both in you.” – Unknown
  • “Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.” – Ed Cunningham
  • “Cousins are the true best friends for life. We have been together since birth and will be together forever.”
  • “Cousins by blood – friends by choice.” – Darlene Shaw
  • “God made us cousins because He knew our mothers could not handle us as siblings.” – Unknown
  • “Cousin to cousin we’ll always be, Special friends from the same family tree.” – Unknown
  • “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the cousins together.” – Woodrow Wilson
Cousins Day Quotes
Cousins Day Quotes

Sweet Cousins Day Wishes

These cousin’s day wishes will undoubtedly assist you in expressing your sentiments towards your cousin.

  • Time passes and we may go our way, finding life. But cousins always stay close through the heart!
  • I wish my cousins all cheers on this day and all days to come.
  • I have celebrated the part of my life with my cousins and my heart is filled with joy today which took me back to those memorable days.
  • A place where cousins become friends is Grandma home. Wishing all cheers to my cousins.
  • Sweet fruits are nice to eat and sweet words are nice to say, but a sweet cousin like you is hard to find!
  • A lovely cousin is a blessing from heaven. Wishing my cousin a happy day.
  • Only a cousin can love you, trust you, make you smile and drive you crazy! I love my cousins!
  • Even though we are cousins to the world, we are friends in heart!
  • The freedom cousins enjoy is of a special kind. Freedom to share hearty thoughts and show real feelings.
  • I have a cool cousin and so I’m grateful. Happy cousins day darlings!
  • My cousin deserves the best. I wish him happiness and love in his life.
Sweet Cousins Day Wishes
Sweet Cousins Day Wishes

Cute Cousins Day Messages

 This day we all take time to appreciate our cousins and let them know how much they mean to you.

  • Our family says we are cousins but our hearts say we are friends!
  • Today is a special day for me because I can talk to my cousin about all the memories we have created together. Happy cousins day.
  • We shared a home which just more than a home, but heaven! I love you, my cousin!
  • Awesomeness makes cousins look alike. Wishing all my awesome cousins a fun-filled day.
  • I have held you in my arms and from that day I knew you would be my bets mate for life. Happy cousins day.
  • Many of my favorite memories are liked with you dear cousin. Wishing you a great day with cheers.
  • We do not care how much time passes without seeing each other or talking to each other, but our hearts always speaks those childhood memories.
  • I may forget to thank the people in life who made me happy but I cannot forget those crazy cousins who made me cry! Have a lovely cousins day guys!
  • I’m feeling lucky to have a cousin like you. Even though our destiny is different, we still are the same cousins!
  • Favorite cousins, favorite place, and favorite memories make this day a special one!
  • My life is much easier with my cousins! Having such cousins is a blessing!
  • Today I get to be with my favorite cousin and celebrate the day.
  • Sharing feelings, sharing childhood memories was my favorite with you! Happy day.
Cute Cousins Day Messages
Cute Cousins Day Messages

Heart Touching Cousins Day Wishes

Those wonderful moments we cherish for a lifetime. Cousins always made your holidays memorable and joyful

  • You are a bright star from the sky who always shines brightly on me. Happy cousins day.
  • Cousins are readymade friends we get in our life!
  • God made us cousins because he knew if we were brothers, our mother might not handle us.
  • How could I live without you! My blood flows in you!
  • I had so much fun with you and I wish the bond between us grow strong each day!
  • Do not get jealous because I have the best cousin! Happy cousins day!
  • I do not want to lose those childhood memories with you. So I’m locking those in my heart!
  • Family love is forever and cousins love is eternal!
  • Happiness is when your cousin becomes your sister!
  • To all the crazy cousins, here wishing a happy cousins day.
  • Do not mess with me because then you have to mess with my cousins!
  • When life doesn’t give us good friends, we can make up with our cousins!
  • Today do not forget to appreciate your cousins as I did! Happy cousins day.
  • I cannot forget the support and comfort I got through my cousins. Missing all my cousins today and wishing them a great cousins day.
  • Cousins are two different flowers in the same garden.
  • We are cousins by blood and friends by choice.
  • A cousin is where you find both a brother and a friend!
  • May the freshness of our bond always remain! Happy cousins day!
Heart Touching Cousins Day Wishes
Heart Touching Cousins Day Wishes

Cousins Day Greetings

When the whole family gathers at the grandparent’s house, the fun we have with cousins is limitless.

  • -No matter where I am today, it’s because you, my dear cousins, are the best and will always remain the best.
  • -No doubt, I have the best cousins in the world, and my love for you is beyond my words—happy cousin’s day to all my cousins for the cute little bond that we have shared.
  • -No distance could create any difficulty in our bond. I wish we could always stay together with each other and enjoy this journey.
  • -Happy cousin’s day to all my cousins for being my best friends and also my best guide.
  • -No doubt, our bond is the best glue we share—happy cousin’s day to all my cousins for being my fantastic mate in this journey of life.
  • -To all the mischief that we have shared, on this beautiful day, let’s do it again and make this day another memory for both of us to remember.
  • -I want to thank you, my dear cousin, for always helping me with my studies. I wish you could ever have solved my assignments and my marks would have been much better.
  • –Your blessings are the one that matters to me the most. I hope you are blessing me always with your love.
  • -Its quite nice, like when you love someone from your heart, they need your blessings and wishes. On this particular day, I wish all of my cousins a thrilled cousin’s day.
  • -It’s you, my dear cousins, who could add that little moment of joy in my life to make me happy. I wish those moments could happen to me every day, and we both could enjoy together.
  • -As it is said that the bond one shares with his/her friends remain forever, so I would like to add that the bond we share with our cousins is for life.
  • -On this beautiful, I would like to get back to all those memories that we have shared and live those memories again and again.
  • -It’s you who could always make me smile when I was not willing to smile at all. Happy cousin’s day for all the laughter and fun we have shared.
  • -To my first best friend, who no doubt is my best friend forever, happy cousin day for being such an essential part of my life.
Cousins Day Greetings
Cousins Day Greetings

Cousins Day Lovely Messages

You may talk on the phone with your cousins about all the good times you’ve had together. Our dearest buddy is always a relative. This is a fantastic and solid childhood attachment.

  • -Years will pass, seasons will change, but my love for you would never change. Happy cousin’s day for all the love we share in our bond.
  • -No matter where I always wish to be with you, you should be guided and loved—happy cousins to all the cousins who share this special bond among them.
  • -It is your blessings that I’m standing on a big platform like this. May you get all the world’s happiness and spend the day with a big smile, my dear cousin.
  • -No, thank you would be enough for the bond I could experience because of you but till then, thank you for being what you are.
  • -To my loyal best friend, I would like to say I couldn’t have asked for a better mate than you. I am so happy that I was able to find you.
Cousins Day Lovely Messages
Cousins Day Lovely Messages

Cousins Day Heartfelt Messages

On this day, one might send a message to distant cousins or meet up with them at their favorite pub or restaurant. 

  • -Let’s express all our love for them on this special day to make them feel more special.
  • -To those who never thought of anything before making ourselves feel loved, let’s all appreciate them for being what they are and making them think the amount of love we have for them.
  • -All the beautiful moments that we have shared with all our cousins let us all remember those moments and wish them a thrilled cousin’s day on this unforgettable day.
  • -No matter where all your cousins are, you should find time on this day to make a call to each of your cousins and wish them a happy cousin’s day.
  • -We all should celebrate this day with all our cousins and make the best memories for a lifetime and send them all our appreciation and love.
  • On this beautiful day, all the cousins should spend time together and make this day worth remembering for themselves.
  • -To all the cousin brothers and sisters who stay quite far away from each other, they should find some time on this beautiful day to make a group video call and create many more fabulous memories.
  • -Life without all our cousins would have been very, very difficult; let us all take a moment on this day to express all our love to every cousin of ours.
  • -This wonderful day would turn out to be more remarkable if we all could take some time out for all our cousins and make them feel special.
Cousins Day Heartfelt Messages
Cousins Day Heartfelt Messages