Every year on February 14th, we celebrate love and appreciate our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Every day, we all love others in our own unique ways, but Valentine’s Day calls for something extra special. Yes, every day you can do something loving and charming for your lover but on this day you must do something special. Are you stumped as to what to say on Valentine’s Day? You could be looking for nice Instagram captions for Valentine’s Day to go with a sweet photo, or you might be looking for something real to send to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. In either case, we’ve got your back—and then some. We’ve got something for everyone here, from clever one-liners to honest words of encouragement (with a few romantic Valentine’s Day quotes tossed in for good measure!). We’ve collected diverse VALENTINES DAY Wishes Messages Greetings that include Happy Valentines Day Wishes, Valentines Wishes For Girlfriend, Valentine Wishes For Boyfriend, Valentines Day Wishes for Wife and Valentine Wishes for Husband.

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve got more VALENTINES DAY Wishes Messages Greetings like Valentine Messages for Friends, Valentines Day Messages For Family, Funny Valentine’s Messages, Valentines Day Messages for Crush and Valentine Day Wishes For Lover. Simply write any of these Valentine’s Day wishes in a card and send it to your loved ones. Sending Valentine’s Day wishes by text is an even easier way to wish your loved one a happy Valentine’s Day in style!

Spreading Love and Joy: The Art of Valentine’s Day Wishes, Messages, and Greetings

Expressing Affection in Heartfelt Words

Valentine’s Day, a day of love and affection, is just around the corner. It’s that special time of the year when people come together to celebrate their feelings for one another. Whether you’re sending a message to your significant other, a friend, or a family member, crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day wish can brighten up their day and leave a lasting impression. In this guide, we’ll dive into the art of creating creative and heartwarming Valentine’s Day wishes, messages, and greetings that truly convey your emotions.

The Essence of Valentine’s Day Wishes

Sparking Joy with Your Words

Valentine’s Day wishes are more than just words – they’re expressions of love, care, and appreciation. They have the power to bring smiles and warm feelings to anyone’s heart. When crafting your wishes, think about what makes your relationship special and unique. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a dear friend, or a beloved family member, let your genuine emotions shine through.

Crafting Memorable Messages

From the Heart, with Love

When creating Valentine’s Day messages, aim for simplicity and sincerity. Your words don’t need to be extravagant; instead, focus on authenticity. A heartfelt message can be short and sweet, yet leave a lasting impact. Begin with a warm greeting, like “Happy Valentine’s Day, dear [Name],” and then delve into what makes your connection special. Share a cherished memory, an inside joke, or a heartfelt compliment that reflects your true feelings.

Spreading Smiles with Greetings

Small Gestures, Big Affection

Greetings on Valentine’s Day are akin to little gifts of happiness. They can be shared with anyone – friends, colleagues, family, or neighbors – to show that you care. Keep your greetings light and cheerful, offering well wishes for the day. For instance, “Wishing you a day filled with love and laughter on this Valentine’s!” or “May your heart be as happy as you’ve made mine. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Embracing Creativity

Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith

Creativity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day wishes. Incorporate elements that resonate with your relationship. If you and your loved one share a love for puns, don’t hesitate to play with words. For instance, “I’m so a-MAIZE-d to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, corny as it may sound!” This kind of playful creativity adds a personal touch that will be cherished.

Tailoring to Relationships

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Each relationship is unique, so your Valentine’s Day wishes should reflect that. Tailor your messages to the nature of your connection. For your partner, you might go for a more romantic tone, while for a friend, a touch of humor could work wonders. For instance, “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you! Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet friend!”

The Power of Fond Memories

Journeying Down Memory Lane

Incorporating shared memories into your wishes can evoke a deep sense of nostalgia and strengthen your bond. Reminisce about the first time you met, a memorable trip you took together, or a funny mishap you both laughed about. Such references show that you cherish the past and look forward to creating more beautiful moments together.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a golden opportunity to express your feelings, strengthen connections, and spread love. Whether it’s a partner, a friend, or a family member, your words have the power to brighten their day. Keep your messages genuine, tailor them to your relationship, and don’t shy away from sprinkling a little creativity. With your heartfelt wishes, you’re not just sharing words – you’re sharing joy, affection, and the beauty of human connection.

Top 10 VALENTINES DAY Wishes Messages Greetings

1. “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special person in my life.”

You know there is never a better time than on Valentine’s day to tell your lady how much you love her and appreciate her presence in your life. So why not pick up your phone and just type words from your heart? If you have a problem in doing so then you can go ahead and copy-paste this one right here.

2. “I love you more than a pizza.”

Wishes and messages that are short and crispy always make their way into our list. We prefer to add short ones because sometimes people just hate reading big captions, so for their convenience, we’ve added this Short Valentines day message that you can send to your love.

3. “Here’s to being my emergency contact someday.”

If you think your girlfriend doesn’t think of you as a romantic person then it’s time to prove her wrong. Pick up your phone and copy-paste this Valentines day message right here and send her. Prove to her how romantic you are and also how much you care for her.

4. “You’re my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

To some words come easy but for some, it is very hard but that doesn’t make you any less of a romantic. If you ever find it hard to say what you want then you can go ahead and use this Valentines day right here for your girlfriend.

5. “In case you ever foolishly forget: I am not thinking about you.”

If you are here because you are on the lookout for a Valentines day message for your girlfriend then be happy because you’re at your final stop. We searched the whole web and found this one for your lovely lady. You can go ahead and use this to tell her about your love for her.

6. “Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peel-ing.”

If you ever find it hard to put in words what you feel then no need to worry as you can use this classy wish to send a heartfelt Valentines day message to your girlfriend. This one sure is a classic and if this message doesn’t melt her heart then believe us nothing will.

7. “Happy Valentine’s Day, handsome.”

You share beautiful moments with your girlfriend, she is the love of your life. You want to spend your life with her forever. With this Valentines day Message for your Girlfriend, you can make her moments memorable.

8. “You’re the only person I send heart-eye emojis to.”

Are you having a tough day as you’re searching for a valentines day wish or a message for your lady all day and still failed to find the perfect one? If this is the case then let us solve this problem. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve got the perfect one and you can use it if you like it as much as we do.

9. “Valentine, you take my breath away, every single day.”

Your girlfriend will know how important she is to you when you send her sweet valentines day messages. If you don’t know what to send to her then stop worrying and use this Valentines day message right here to win her heart all over again.

10. “It’s just one day in the year, but you should know that I love you every day and every moment. Take my love on this beautiful occasion!”

Sometimes all people want is a simple message or a paragraph but that one must be catchy and impressive. If you want a valentines day message for your girlfriend then you are in the perfect place. If you like this wish then go ahead and use this one.

Happy Valentines Day Wishes

Valentine’s Day has the power to bring loved ones closer together. Valentine’s Day is about love, but there’s no law that says it has to be romantic love.

  • Every day is Valentine’s Day since I met you. Thank you for making every single day so special.
  • Happy valentine’s day to you and your family. Hold closer to the ones you love the most. Have a wonderful celebration of the day!
  • You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy Valentine’s day, my happiness.
  • I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend as amazing as you. Thanks for being you and for being mine.
  • Sending my warm wishes to my lovely friend. Wish you a lifetime of happiness and everlasting love. Happy Valentine Day.
  • Love is the sweetest fragrance of life. Feel the love in the air with this valentine and welcome it to your heart. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Happy Valentine’s day, love. I’m so grateful to have you by my side.
  • Happy Valentine’s day. May you celebrate love not only this one day but throughout the year.
  • If my heart were a kingdom, you would be the king of it. Happy Valentine’s day, my precious!
  • valentine wishes
  • Life without love is like the world without any sunshine. May your life never run out of love that you deserve. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I wish you all the love and happiness in the world on this special occasion. Thank you for always being with me!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love! This lifetime is worth it because of you. You are pretty much everything to me.
  • Thank you for being my better half. Happy Valentines Day!
  • You’re an addiction I never want to get over. I hope to spend every Valentine’s day of our life together.
  • Hope you find love; not only in people but also in everything you do and everything around you.
  • I’m so happy to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!
  • Love is the one thing you never run short of. So give plenty to everyone and yourself! Happy Valentines Day!
  • Life is a roller coaster ride; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Happy valentine’s day!
  • You’re all I ever wanted and I’m so glad you’re mine. Wishing the sweetest, happiest day to my forever Valentine!
  • Without you I am nothing. With you I am everything. Thank you for being my everything. Happy Valentines Day!
  • You’ve been there for me in good times and bad. Today I just want to say thank you for always being there. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I’m the luckiest to have you in my life. Happy Valentine Day my beautiful wife!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my love! You mean the world to me, and I will forever love you!
  • With you, the world feels like the most beautiful place to me, as if I am in heaven. Happy Valentine’s Day to my love.
  • May you find true love and true friends to keep forever on this valentine. Sending warm wishes and good thoughts on your way!
  • You are the only flower that will bloom forever in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, Love!
  • May this Valentine’s day brings all the love your heart can hold. Sending hugs and best wishes! Happy Valentines Day to all.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my beloved. Thanks for coming into my life and making it special forever.
  • A very happy Valentine Day to all! Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. So let’s spread the love!
  • You are an angel in person, I’ve found, and I never want to let go. Happy Valentine’s day, baby.
  • My life is filled with happiness and love because of you, darling. I’m so happy that you’re my valentine!
  • Every beat of my heart tells me how much I love you. It is impossible to live without you. Happy Valentine’s Day my sweetheart.
  • My day remains incomplete without seeing your smiling face. Happy Valentine’s Day, my valentine.
  • You make the world beautiful for me because you are a beautiful soul. I wish you a very happy valentine, my love.
  • Nothing is more important and precious than you in my life. I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
  • I can never imagine how I got so lucky to get the opportunity to count you as one of my greatest blessings. Happy valentine’s Day, Babe.
  • Words will fail to describe my love for you. One life would be too short to live with you. Happy valentine’s day.
  • Life without love is simply like the moon without stars, flowers without smell, and a sky without sun. Wishing you a great life full of love on this valentine’s day.
  • My love for you is never-ending and never-fading. It will only increase as days and years pass by. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life! Thank you for being the reason for my joy!
  • I cannot donate my kidneys to you, but I am donating my heart to you instead. You are the best girlfriend ever. Happy Valentine.
  • Whenever your thoughts cross my mind, my heart starts beating faster. I’m really missing you on valentine’s day! Sending my love for you!
  • You are the love song I can listen to on repeat forever. Wishing my beautiful girlfriend a very romantic valentine’s day.
  • Every moment feels so special when I’m with you, my dear. Wishing you a very happy valentine!
  • You are the definition of love that I would love to study. You are the flower that I would love to smell. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.
  • On this very special day I want to say ‘Love You’ to my family because they are the best. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s day, my dearest. May the love you spread find its way back to you.
  • valentine wishes
  • The world becomes paradise when your hand is in mine. I love you, and I hope you know.
  • May this Valentine’s day bring all your family members together and happiness is showered on all. Happy Valentine’s day to all.
  • It is the best day to tell you that I have fallen for you. Happy Valentine’s day. Please be my valentine.
  • Your smile matters to me the most because it brings nothing but joy in my life. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentines Day to the most special person in my life. You are my love, my heart, my joy, and my valentine.
  • No matter what happens in life, my love will always keep you sound and safe. I’m always here for you whenever you need me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • If anything in the world is everlasting, it is my love for you. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • On this special day, all I wish for you is that you find the arms that give you the warmth of love and hugs of strength. Happy valentine’s day.
  • This is the saddest valentine’s day of my life because I am away from you. But the sadness can never lessen my love for you. Happy Valentine’s Day, love.
  • I know that together we can turn this world into a better place by spreading love. Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
  • Having someone as supportive as you in my life makes me feel special on any day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. Thank you for your kind gestures.
  • Even you are miles away from me; I’ll still be with you, I can still feel your presence around me. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Happy Valentine’s day, handsome.
Happy Valentines Day Wishes
Happy Valentines Day Wishes

Valentines Wishes For Girlfriend

 All of these themes, from lovely presents to delectable chocolates, are part of the magnificent celebration of love.

  • May our love keep us united for the eternity! I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy valentine’s day.
  • I never thought of celebrating valentine’s day before. But then I met you and I can’t wait to spend the day with you. Happy valentine’s day my love!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the truest and most beautiful soul I know. May your day fills with love and laughter.
  • I fall for you everyday sweetheart. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!
  • You never seize to take my breath away. I crave you when I’m with you, I miss you when I’m not with you. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Every day feels like I’m living in my dream because of you, my queen. Happy Valentine’s day to you!
  • Dearest sweetheart, I love you more than you can imagine. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my princess, and someday I hope to make you my queen. Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.
  • My life is beautiful because you are in it. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day, my love!
  • I am the most fortunate man that I can call you my girl. Have a lovely Valentine’s day, honey.
  • Every moment spent with you is like living in a dream. Happy Valentine’s day to the most beautiful girl.
  • You are a perfect girl, just the way you are. And I would never want anyone other than you. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.
  • Your smile can make my day any day. I love everything about you. Wishing you a happy valentine!
  • You are the one Girl who melts my heart and make me feel special; your kiss makes me feel the warmth of love. Happy valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine’s day baby. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my entire life, both inside and out.
  • Love is just too weak of a word to express what I feel for you. Thank you for making everything better and brighter. Happy Valentine’s Day Honey.
  • You still make my heart a bit faster. I’m in love with you so truly deeply and madly. Happy valentine’s day!
Valentines Wishes For Girlfriend
Valentines Wishes For Girlfriend

Valentine Wishes For Boyfriend

However, the most usual method is to gift a card with valentine’s day greetings on it. Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone, including boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, friends, and family. 

  • I will always be there for you when you need me. Love you like crazy. Happy valentine’s day.
  • I love you for always making me feel like the happiest girl in the world. I want to make this Valentine’s Day the best day of your life!
  • Dear boyfriend, thank you for making my life exciting and happening. Forever grateful to the Almighty for sending you into my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I feel so lucky to be in love with you. I feel so thrilled to spend the day with you. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Thanks for showering me with unconditional love. I promise you to love unconditionally for the rest of my life.
  • I want to spend the day looking at your eyes and saying so many things to you without saying a word. Will you listen sweetheart? Happy valentine!
  • Everything about you makes me fall in love again and again. Hope your day fills with all the love and happiness you deserve!
  • Since you step into my life, everything seems brighter and happier. You are the man that I love and cannot imagine being without. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy valentine’s day to the love of my life. You are a blessing I will always cherish.
  • You are and will always be the king of my heart. Sending sweet thoughts and warm hugs on your way!
  • Maybe I am not your first love or first kiss, but all I want is to be your last destination in life. Happy valentine’s day.
  • Valentine’s day without you would be such a shame for me. I feel grateful for having you in my life! Happy valentine’s day!
  • Happy Valentine’s day, handsome. In you, I have found my lover, best friend, and soul-mate.
  • Your hugs make me feel safe in all my despair. Being your girlfriend is the best feeling I could ever have. Happy Valentine’s Day handsome.
  • You are and always will be the champion of my heart. Happy valentine’s day handsome!
  • I can’t think of a single moment without you, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day, my valentine!
Valentine Wishes For Boyfriend
Valentine Wishes For Boyfriend

Valentines Day Wishes for Wife

 We’ve organized all of the Valentine greetings based on several scenarios. Choose the messages that are appropriate for your term and convey your love to the one you care about!

  • Thanks for giving me love and creating a home for me. You are the best wife there is and there will ever be. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!
  • You are the rhythm of my heart. Without you, there would only be chaos. Happy valentine’s day my love!
  • Ever since I met you, my life has changed in the most amazing way possible. Happy Valentine’s day, my beauty queen.
  • Nothing is sweeter than your kiss and warmer than your hug. I want both on this valentine’s day!
  • Growing up as a couple with you has been the biggest adventure of my life. Wishing to spend many more Valentine’s days together!
  • Every love song is for you on this day. I love you so dearly and want you so badly. Happy valentine’s day to you!
  • Love is one word and everything in between. Thank you for bringing happiness to my life and making my dream come true. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart.
  • You make my every single day special in a million ways. So, I am taking advantage of this valentine’s day to say thank you for everything. I love you my dear wife.
  • Because of you, each day of my life is filled with happiness! Happy Valentine’s Day dear beautiful wife!
  • A wife like you is a treasure for anyone. My life would be incomplete if you were not in it. I love you truly madly and deeply! Happy valentine day!
  • You are the most beautiful princess that ever existed on earth. I’m so in love with you sweetheart. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!
  • My beloved wife, I will choose you over anything on earth and in heaven. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • You are my biggest achievement in life and I want to love you forever! Happy valentine’s day!
  • A wife like you is a pure blessing for life. I Love you so much dear wife. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Valentines Day Wishes for Wife
Valentines Day Wishes for Wife

Valentine Wishes for Husband

Send your Valentine’s Day greetings and love notes to your loved ones, parents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, crushes, and anybody else who matters of significance to you. 

  • Life is not worth living without you. You make me complete. I thank God for blessing me with your love. Happy Valentine’s Day Hubby!
  • I’m thankful in every way for having a husband so amazing as you. You’ve made my life a piece of heaven. Wishing you a happy Valentines Day with love!
  • Thanks for walking the same road with me through all the storms and struggles in life. I’m lucky for having you. Lots of love for you on this Valentine’s Day!
  • Every day I wake up beside you is a valentine’s day for me. Your love makes me feel complete all the time. Happy valentine’s day!
  • You are a role model of how a husband should be. Happy Valentine’s day to the best husband in the world.
  • Dear valentine, thanks for keeping my heart happy. I wish you were here with me today.
  • The word ‘love’ can’t describe the connection You and I share. You are my whole world, darling.
  • It doesn’t matter how many things are wrong in my life, your love is everything that counts for me! I love you, dear husband!
  • Thank you for always making me feel special. You are the best husband in the world and a perfect gift for me. Wishing you all the love on this day!
  • With you, my life is a movie with so many happy endings. I just need to choose which one I want to go with. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Having you by my side makes everything at ease. Thank you for taking care of me and making me worthy of your love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s day, husband. Thank you for loving me and making me feel special every day!
  • Sending you lots of love on this Valentine’s day, my most favorite person on earth. Being your woman feels awesome!
  • Your love makes my world colorful and happy. You’re the reason why I smile and you’re the reason why I cheer. Happy Valentine Day!
  • Growing old doesn’t seem so scary anymore, in fact, it excites me; now that I can grow old with you. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • You are always in my thoughts and prayers, dear husband. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You know I love you with all my heart and I want to say that on this special day. I wish you all the very best in your life. I love you so much.
Valentine Wishes for Husband
Valentine Wishes for Husband

Valentine Messages for Friends

The most emotional demonstrations of affection are those that come unexpectedly and spontaneously. Check these wishes out now and let us know in the comments below which one do you love the most!

  • Thanks for filling the gap of a friend in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • May you feel the warmth of love and a bunch of appreciation on valentine’s day because you deserve it! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!
  • Who said that valentine’s day is only meant for lovers? Well, I love you guys and appreciate you! So, happy Valentine’s Day, you all!
  • I hope you’ll look away from all that you’ve been through and appreciate the greatness to come. Wishing for your a better tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Let’s celebrate love for our friendship on this valentine’s day because all kinds of love are special. I love you my friend.
  • Happy valentine’s day to my dearest friend who taught me love from a friend is the most supportive feeling one can ever hold.
  • Whether it’s valentine’s day or not, I am always grateful for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I wish I could get you as my friend in my every incarnation because the love of our friendship is precious. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.
  • For my dear friends and family, I wish you get cherished moments filled with love on this valentine’s day. Once again, wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Your friendship is the most treasured gift to me and it is indeed cheering to remember the times with you. Happy valentine’s day my friend!
  • No one can understand me better than you and that is why God had sent you to me. I love you, my friend.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends. You guys are the medicine of my sadness!
  • I love all the adventures we ever did together. On this special day, sending you lots of love, dear friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Valentine Messages for Friends
Valentine Messages for Friends

Valentines Day Messages For Family

 As a result, don’t keep your ideas to yourself. Because Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, share the love and romance by sending your best wishes to everyone you know. 

  • All mothers are angels, but you are the sweetest one among them. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the people who are everything to me! Love you always and forever.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the people who mean the world to me! Wishing you a day filled with love and surprises! Love you a lot, always and forever.
  • Happy Valentine’s day to you, my brother. I’m proud of the man you are.
  • Happy Valentine’s day to my beloved son. You are a piece of me, and your happiness is my happiness.
  • Happy Valentine’s day to my superhero dad, whose arms have kept me safe from every trouble.
  • You may have grown much bigger, but to me, you will always be my little girl. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • The more I grow up, the more I realize that family is all someone has. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Happy valentine’s day to the best family in the world. Thanks for all your supports and appreciation.
  • Happy Valentine’s day, sister. You’re adorable; until you start screaming.
  • May this happy day bring all the family members together and happiness be showered on all. Happy Valentine’s day to all, I love you guys so much.
  • There is nothing in this world more comforting than the lovely family that I have. On this special day, I just want you all to know that I love you so much!
  • Life is so easy when you have a supporting and loving family. Endless Love for all of you on this lovely occasion.
  • Happy Valentine’s day to the world’s most amazing parents. I am so glad and proud to be a child of you two who are always in love with each other.
  • You guys are my safe place. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dearest family. I love you all.
  • Love is the food of the soul! Warm wishes of Valentine’s Day to everyone.
  • I wish not a single soul on this earth died without being loved. Happy Valentine’s day. Let’s spread love.
  • May your life be filled with the gifts of love on this year’s Valentine and may the charm of love stay with you forever. Happy valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. Love is the one and the only thing that can make the world into a better one.
  • Let the power of love take control of your life today. Happy valentine’s day.
  • May this valentine’s day you be showered with love, unlimited kisses, and hugs from your loved ones. Have a great Valentine’s Day everybody.
  • Wishing you a very sweet Valentine’s day and a graceful love-life. Happy valentine’s day.
  • May this auspicious day bring joy, happiness and tons of love for you. Happy valentine’s day.
  • On this special day, I wish that you find your true love for life and your life be blessed with happiness. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Let’s celebrate this valentine by wishing everyone around us! Happy Valentine’s Day to all.
  • Accept my heartfelt greetings on this day. Make the best out of this valentine’s day and know that you’re very special to me. Happy valentine’s day.
  • Happy valentine’s day. Make sure you spend this day with your loved one!
Valentines Day Messages For Family
Valentines Day Messages For Family

Funny Valentine’s Messages

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with those you care about. On our part, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Maybe all you need is a fast and easy text message to your closest buddy, or a hilarious Valentine’s Day quotation to make them laugh.

  • I was wondering if she knows about all your secret valentines or is she just another ‘beautiful but dumb’ doll. Just kidding! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Love will make you feel fifteen at the age of fifty. So be in love always. Happy valentine’s day.
  • I always searched for someone to live with, but I ended up finding the person I cannot live without. Happy Valentine!
  • Have all the fun with your valentines but don’t forget that the night is for us getting drunk together & doing shits like no one ever does!
  • Just think if the cupid missed his goal and shoot someone else for you. No, I would not let him do that. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.
  • Everyone should have a boyfriend like you, why should I put up with your stupidity alone! Happy valentine’s day.
  • I am sorry that I can’t give you my heart this year as I have another thumping organ for you if you’re interested in it.
  • This valentine I cannot give you my heart because I have given it to you when I first met you. Interested in having my kidney? Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • My love for you will be the same even when you’ll have no teeth left and no hair black. Happy Valentine!
  • Well, true love originates from the heart and runs through the veins. Don’t let it become too sweet because it can give you diabetes. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Funny Valentines Messages
Funny Valentines Messages

Valentines Day Messages for Crush

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, believe it or not—but so are dismal weather, dark sky, and frigid winter days. We don’t blame you if you’re having trouble coming up with lyrical love quotes or making a meaningful, touching DIY Valentine’s Day card. After all, what more can you say than “I love you?”A lot, that’s what!

  • When the heart wants something, the mind wants something else. But only this time, both wants the same; you! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • My crush, I appreciate every single thing about you. Would you be my valentine this year?
  • I just found an awful lot of reasons to fall in love with you. There’s no way I could ignore the numbers. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!
  • I miss you more than I should. I think of you more than I’m supposed to. Is it because I’m in love with you? Happy Valentine’s Day, crush!
  • Being single is boring this valentine’s day, so I was thinking of going on a romantic date with you.
  • I don’t need any reason to think of you and I don’t need any occasion to tell you that I’ve fallen for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You have been hovering in my mind since I first saw you. And I hope you will never stop. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The biggest truth of my life, I am too crazy for you and everyone in my surroundings can notice it except you. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest person ever.
  • The beauty of your eyes has caught me off-guard. I thought I could defend my heart but I was dead wrong! Happy Valentine’s Day, crush!
  • I have fallen in love for the first time and for the last time. And really I don’t want it to be otherwise. Will you accept my love?
Valentines Day Messages for Crush
Valentines Day Messages for Crush

Valentine Day Wishes For Lover

That’s what I’m talking about! If you’re having trouble communicating your feelings this Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest Valentine’s Day wishes and messages for the important person in your life in the hopes of making gift-giving and card-writing a little bit simpler.

  • You’ve made my life awesome in every way. I can always feel the fragrance of your love in the air. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!
  • I want to give you so many reasons to smile and so many moments to cherish on this day. Be with me darling and let me love you! Happy valentine’s day!
  • My heart yearns for you more than anyone and anything. My eyes crave for you and my mind can’t stop thinking of you! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I know you’ll catch me every time I fall in love with you! You’re the perfect gift on this valentine for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I feel like I am getting better day by day just because of you! Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!
  • I can not think of a single day without you by my side. You are the reason for my happiness. Happy valentine’s day dear!
  • I made a promise to love you forever and I’ll keep my promise till my last breath. I’ll never stop loving you ever. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion to let you know what an important place you have in my heart. I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Do you know what my favorite place in the world is? Well, it’s right next to you! Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love!
  • We are simply one soul in two-body; may our love grow stronger with the days passing by. Happy valentine’s day.
  • Time runs so fast when I’m with you. Every second we spend together is so wonderful. May life offers us more time to spend together! Happy valentine’s day.
  • Love is the most beautiful emotion one can ever have. It is the biggest refreshment of our souls. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!
  • My thirst for your love is insatiable. The more I get it, the more I want. Happy valentine’s day my love!
  • I wondered how people could make a home out of people! But when I found you, I realized that you are the home I’ve always been searching for! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Wishing you a day filled with all the smile and happiness you deserve. Let love run through your blood on this special day!
  • We share the most romantic kind of relationship in the world. No doubt why I feel so happy all the time. A box of love for you on this day!
  • Your love runs through my blood and your thoughts run in my mind all the time. Happy valentine’s day to the most romantic man I’ve ever known!
  • How come you make everything 100x times brighter and happier than it is?! Thank you for coming into my life! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Valentine Messages for Friends 1
Valentine Messages for Friends

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